Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shop Work

Doing some shop work today...getting yummy packages ready to enter the U S Postal System.
For lack of a more creative name right is a sweet sweet super sweet scrapbook board that will be listed in the shop tonight. Add your own photo and change it whenever you like. I love these colors they make me happy !! and the same sweet sweet board with my sweet sweet weenie doggie...Ahhhhhh who doesn't love a weenie doggie....if you don't...please keep it to yourself. thanks.

Something about the lace gives this an antiquey va vintage....also taking her place in the shop tonight.

Little girls is hard not to file this away in my own stash....but this goodie also...going to the shop tonight.

Today was pretty much un-eventful...visited the in-laws this morning....visiting the parents later tonight...I packaged goodies....Chloe is catching up on TIVO'd Max and Ruby.....and Garren is golfing.
Have a happy day !!

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1 comment:

Jenn said... super cute! And who doesn't love a weenie dog!??!
:):) xox..jenn