Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's 70 degrees today....must get prepared

With 70 degree and higher days in my near future I must begin the yearly ritual of replenishing my supply of Old navy tank tops and flip-flops. Today I picked up this happy blue and a white...I'll grab a couple a week from now til they start putting fall stuff out....I have millions of these and I don't throw them out...they just get demoted to sleepwear or painting clothes. You will see me in one of these nearly everyday....I love love love them. When it comes to clothes I am soooo low maintenance...I'm a very simple girly. 2 pairs of standard rubber flip-flops...these are my favorite....I don't like the colors though...just black I picked up a brown today too because when I was checking out the sales associate said "don't you want to get another pair....they are 2 for $5.00" well of course I do...

remember the to-do list from last night....there are still here

and so are these.....

Some homemade space ships made from the containers from the lace I picked up today.....nothing like a child's imagination. Ming Ming from the Wonder Pets and Fish Outta Water from Chicken Little its a go....10....9...8...7...6...5...4....3....2....1.......ok back in the toy box is it just my OCD or when your phone tells you that you have missed a call but you can clearly see that you have no messages do you have to look and see who the call was from....I do.

This plug in charger has been in my bowl of limes for a week and a goes to a little ride-on train I am taking to another mom that I thought could use it....everyday I say Garren...put that train in my car so I can take it to Beverly.....anyone care to guess how many more days this charger sleeps in my bowl of limes....if you guess correctly I just may send you some fresh and fun goodies.....go ahead guess....closest guess wins.....understand this could take a while.

So...the other day I showed you where my bag lands...well these are the oddest things in my bag at the time....this explosion marker which if you are a parent you know is no good to me without the super duper secret paper....and this discount card...oh this cracks me up....Garren gave me this a couple of months ago with the instructions that if I stopped by Edwin Watts Golf to get him anything to have them scan this card so he can get coupons and such....hahahahahahahahahaha....should I tell him I use this for picking food outta my teeth...oh my gosh...did I say that??

have a happy day
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Queenie Bee said...

I found you through "Little Bit Funky" your blog, love your etsy shop, and love, love, LOVE your weenie dog!!! We have two weenie dogs ourselves, and I also have them pictured over in my sidebar! :-)

Nice to meet you!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I have a gazillion Old Navy tank tops too! I wear one probably everyday also! Oh, it feels good to have found you! Ha! In your picture of the yummy candy - that M&M bag - I made my Allikaye a hair clip using that ribbon that came off of the "springy" packet! I bought green and purple - and now I want the yellow - like your picture!! :0)

amybell said...

Oh April..someone who shares my flip-flop love...ALL I wear in the summer. And, I don't like to wear really anything but them...even to church. I have dressy ones. Scary, scary. In the winter? Oh, it is almost always my cowboy boots. Seriously, all the time. Love them. Again, scary. You know, I think I will do a post about my boots tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like my entire wardrobe! Yes, even in the winter. Flip-flops, tank tops and either jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. Add some layers of sweaters and scarves, you're good to go! I agree, Old Navy is THE place to go.:)

Is the train charger still in your bowl of limes? Don't feel bad, I have an extension cord sitting on the table just as you walk in my'd think I was tired of looking at it already and I'd return it to it's owner, right? WRONG. :)

jimaie.marie said...

wait a minute, why have i NEVER seen these wonderpet toys anywhere, we NEED them! how fun!
From the looks of your blog i need to head over to old navy, i haven't been in months (trying to pay off the card) and i can't wait to stock up on flip flops! they changed the design again, me likey!! :D