Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh!! I am being sucked in

Just stopping by to hopefully get a hand here...I am completely being sucked in by this dare I say NCAA tournament. Well here where we live there is sort of a story forming...I am a sucker for a story. The Davidson Wildcats a small school in the area....well they are going to the sweet 16 and I have no clue if there were expected to do this or not but I would not think so...uh ya like the lingo ladies if you dont know what the sweet 16 is...ask any man or me....anyway....they have this player Stephen Curry...he is just so small and innocent looking...and I don't know a thing about him...but you wanna pull for him...I don't know why. His father played for our PRO team for a number of years the last name has been in our vocabulary before...I don't know what the draw is but it exists...I can not deny it any longer. They play again next weekend..and Yep I will watch. Will I put away the paper...glue...scissors...fabric...probably not, but for once the repetitious bouncing ball and the squeaking shoes up and down...up and down the court and the loud horn won't irritate me....I am FAN for crying out GO WILDCATS !!!! and GO STEPHEN !!!

It took a lot for me to admit that...because I hate one is to tell my husband about this post....understood ??

have a happy day
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C said...

He is in our vocab too...mostly because his dad is a Hokie. :)

I still hate basketball.

p.s. why are my word verifications ALWAYS like forty letters long?


amybell said...

Ok, so I am not alone in this..I just read an article on Curry this morning. Yeah, loving the basketball.

I did a little post about you today on my blog. I just love your creations!

Between Idol and the games, what will I do??? :)