Monday, March 31, 2008

Grey is not my favorite color

So here is our sky.....again today...enough already. I NEED SOME SUNSHINE !! My car today was informing me that ice was possible...what?!? its Spring for crying out loud.....and the rain, Ohhhh the rain...doesn't mother nature know I have flip-flops begging to flip and flop. Just as this sky makes for a sour also makes for sour photos.....

New goodies in the shop tonight and all week I hope...I have been working all last week on a big project and had very little creating time....I will fill you all in on the project when the time comes.

little collections of goodies....

Tree card....

Pleated blossoms....scrapbooking with these is fun fun fun !!

Hey Crystal look....its my Cottage "Collection"....(wink)

for more of the cottage cards visit the shop

Yummy...we ate at chili's tonight..this is our favorite hubby and I ate here a LOT in our dating phase. and we still do....I would say we eat here ohhhh once a week average...Chips and Salsa and Fajitas !!! We brought some home...the chips are bottomless so we always bring a refill home.

If anyone knows how to teach a doggie to fill its own bowl....fill me in....mainly because I turn around and its empty and I have no clue how long its been empty and I panic that Lei Lei has been without food.

Don't even ask me why I am showing ya'll my bathroom just looked kinda fun and this pic opened my eyes to the fact that my comb is missing a tooth....never knew.. hmmm.

have a happy day
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Jes said...

I was thrilled to get my very own Janesays birdie and flower embellishments in the mail the other day...and now there's more?! Uh-oh, very tempting...:)

Allikaye's Mama said...

Okay, another thing in common...we eat at Chili's a LOT! It's true! And now that Allikaye is going through a sit-in-moms-lap-not-in-the-high-chair stage, we are loving Chili's to go!!!