Sunday, March 23, 2008

Am I Sitting Down Now??

So tell I sitting down yet?? What a whirlwind weekend. We have been bouncing off the walls here and there and everywhere. It was a lovely and fun Easter weekend. Chloe got so many nice goodies...she asked me, what is the next day??...meaning when do I get gifts at every house I visit again..when is the next day.... That kid loves a gift.

Church was eventful for 2 reasons...... the power went off for a short while so we sat in the dark for a bit ......secondly.....we took Chloe in BIG church today instead of to her class...she did pretty good. I think it is good for her to go now and then.......I love to watch her when we sing...our church has a lot of lights and a band and she thinks it is a show....she enjoys the she even sang along..she got not one word right but she sang her heart out...too cute !!
"Winnie" from the Wonder Pets says Happy Easter to all Fresh and Fun Readers....

Chloe's eggs she created at Nana's house Saturday...she did a beautiful job, then she ate one....that could not have been my pizza and cheese biscuit eating child....What ??!!??

What is this you might ask...its a weenie bag...yea...a weenie bag. A friend of ours made this at my request for Lei Lei...she has 2 blankets one upstairs and one down that she burrows under and wraps herself up in...well now she has this...a fleece lined weenie had been in our home 5 minutes when I took this photo....oh yea she is in there...she LOVES it...thanks Cindy !!

Note it is now 10:00 and the weenie bag has been in my home for 5 hours..Lei Lei is still in it.
New cottage-y fabric cards and embellishments in the shop this em'

Have a happy day
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Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy Easter! My cutsie was in "big church" with us today too! And oh, I love your creativeness (is that a word?)! Glad you had a wonderful day!!