Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day Rewind

Twas a LEGO Christmas
Stockings are the BEST
Lovely cards from even Lovelier peeps
hehehe.....so so happy

I take Chloe to a dollar store to buy
everyone in the family a prezzie
I do not interfere at all....she buys whatever she wants
its so fun !!!!
The best gift this year went to my dad
An Ice Age watch
notice something ??
A lil' Christmas present to dear ole mom....reminding me how
grown up my baby is.
The Christmas decoration I will miss the most

Christmas doll
Chloe and Pa Pa Jerry with their caterpillars (moustaches) as Chloe calls them
Me and my favorite girls

Daisy's first Christmas
"come on dude....its my first Christmas....gimmie one of those cookies"
she eyed him for a long time.......

Christmas was fun
Christmas was fast
I love Christmas
Hope it hurries back
have a happy day
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
my Dad comes to my our home
we eat BBQ
exchange gifts
bowl on the Wii
laugh and have a swell time


we take care of last minute Christmas errands
and find some dinner


we open our gifts to each other.....just the 3 of us


Chloe and I bake cookies for Santa and
place them on a dish with milk and a napkin


Chloe and G sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn


To bed with the little one


before the real fun begins HO HO HO

I watch A Christmas Story
its the best
with ALL that goes on Christmas Eve day
I always look forward to sitting down with Ralphie.
I hope you all have a happy happy Christmas !!!!!
and keep your tongues off the flagpole.

have a happy day
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Mom's Christmas Nooks and Crannies

Nothing is more cozy than Mom's house at Christmas
the ole' home place
where I grew up

(pardon the photos....they are quite un-edited)
I forgot to get this post up
and wanted to show off
the sweetness that is Mom's house at Christmas Hang up your scarf and stay a while

Most Marvelous Mantle
lots of vintage yummies.....definitley where I got the HEART for vintage.

fat....plump....cupcakes on a cake stand....my favorite
Mom LOVES Snowden......he is quite cute !!
Merry Christmas to ALL
Thanks mom for ALWAYS making Christmas important and cozy
Love you
have a happy day
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It happened in 2009 Pt. 4

Disney on Ice.....Chloe says 'it rocked"

first day of school.......ever
hello kindergarten
without a doubt our favorite place on earth

Lots of time in Nana's yard
first hot wings
there have been MANY since then
daredevil moves
and finding treasures
sand and sun
is anything cuter than your little one
in her bikini......I think not
fun times at the lake
new friends
hanging with the chimps at the zoo
have a happy day
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It happened in 2009 Pt. 3

We added to our family
welcome Daisy

Dreaming under teeny tiny lanterns
feeding animals with abnormally large tongues

have a happy day
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Monday, December 21, 2009

It happened in 2009 Pt. 2

Love love dying eggsLove dying yarn even more
Had a pair of duckies that raided our ground level bird feeder
we LOVED them
Went to our first air show
enjoyed every minute
we will do that again....for sure

Blue Angels rock
blew oodles of bubbles
played in what was pretty much Chloe's first snow
walked to the lake
on a Summer day

wearing a Burger King crown
betcha can't say you did that
have a happy day
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

It happened in 2009 Pt. 1

Let's rewindThe resident cat at my grandfather's shop.....we re-named her
she is now Moon Pie seeing as she took up
permanent residence in this empty Moon Pie box
I don't like cats....but.....cute !!

Crazy hair day at preschool
Little darling
we made bird seed hearts
for valentine's for our friends the birds.
Chloe has a Summer birthday
so at preschool they celebrated her
special me day.....never without a Cheeto
scenes....oh the scenes
If Chloe was naughty before going to bed
she would create, what she called scenes for me at the top of the stairs
so I would see them when I came to bed
she is still making them
and now that she is writing
she makes me small messages on
her little dry erase board.....hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa......silly and cute !!
more to come
have a happy day
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