Sunday, December 20, 2009

It happened in 2009 Pt. 1

Let's rewindThe resident cat at my grandfather's shop.....we re-named her
she is now Moon Pie seeing as she took up
permanent residence in this empty Moon Pie box
I don't like cats....but.....cute !!

Crazy hair day at preschool
Little darling
we made bird seed hearts
for valentine's for our friends the birds.
Chloe has a Summer birthday
so at preschool they celebrated her
special me day.....never without a Cheeto
scenes....oh the scenes
If Chloe was naughty before going to bed
she would create, what she called scenes for me at the top of the stairs
so I would see them when I came to bed
she is still making them
and now that she is writing
she makes me small messages on
her little dry erase board.....hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa......silly and cute !!
more to come
have a happy day
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Micayla said...

So sweet!

LaurieStar said...

What an adorable kitty! That's cute about the "scenes." Ha.