Friday, December 18, 2009

operation rudolph

moms truly rock
we are super
we do it all
we transform our children into
Rudolph.......and NOW
just becausesome nights ago
Chloe up and HAD to be Rudolph
and now
Circle of red velvet
one valentine's bopper type headband
covered with some kraft paper antlers

operation Rudolph is a go

What ??!!??
You're sick to death of photos ??
come on made me drop
what I was doing
to pull a reindeer get-up outta my ear
and you wanna sulk
and make faces
I much prefer
I'm so sick of you taking pictures of me that
I am gonna act like a total goon
to I'm so sick of you taking pictures
of me that I could burn holes thru you
you are providing me with
plenty of GREAT blackmail material Rudolph sure are
Now dash away !!!!!!!!!!!!
have a happy day
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1 comment:

Kandi said...

Too cute! Love that first photo of her loving herself as Rudolf in the mirror! I love those blackmail photos too, have lots of them for future use with my boys, muuahahahaa. :)