Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twas Fun

Chloe has a Summer birthday
so getting school buddies together for party
I imagine would be difficult
So I got a BRIGHT idea
I'll do a Christmas Party
for them ALL
So was born Chloe's Christmas Good Time
There were goodie bags
and silly faces

oh we do love goodie bags
"There's chewies in here"
Instead of a gift exchange we did an
ornament exchange....it was AWESOME
They were tickled with their new ornaments.
There were chicken nuggets and Cheetos

There was a girl table and a boy table
Wonder how long this phenomenon will last
They LOVE Chloe so much....she is a fun-loving chic
and she loves all of them
its so fun to be 5
They came
squealed....boy did they squeal
yes !!!!!
Perhaps it will now be named
Chloe's Annual Christmas Good Time
Fun was had by all
have a happy day
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Summer said...

You are a brave brave woman. those little boys better not being flirtin' with chloe.

LaurieStar said...

So cute! What a good idea to do an ornament exchange instead - keeps it fun. My daughter is a Chloe too, except she just turned six. :)

Kandi said...

Looks like great fun! Love that ornament exchange for the kiddos!

BlackCatMima said...

Christmastime is so much fun with five year olds. Wahh, I miss my preschoolers now! Kidless Christmasses are bor-ing!

Brenda Fisher said...

The pictures are precious! An ornament exchange is a great idea - did they make their own to exchange at the boy and girl crafting tables? Chloe is adorable!! Such big expressive eyes. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Cheers,

Just me.....Shelly said...

Aw....they are so cute..and they all look so OLD, not like kinder's! I want to be the mom who has the parties at her house, too. (so i can keep an eye on things, hehehe).

Dangit, I missed the last couple giveaways!! Thank you for hosting....you did a great job, i know how much work goes into posting!

Heidi said...

Oh how much fun they must've had! I too love the idea of an ornament exchange. I wanted to thank you for hosting the giveaways and to show you the link to my blog where I wrote about you and the giveaway I won. Happy Holidays to you and your family!