Monday, June 30, 2008

Play Mimics Life

At Nana's house Chloe has quite the spread
A little People House
A Bigger People House
A Weeble TreeHouse
A Little People Garage
She sets up her village on the hearth to create a town at just her level.
The people rush about...they eat and have family time.
Go to work.
Drive their cars.....and have road rage....OOOPS !!
Have their oil changed.
They go thru the many of the same motions we do each day. Real Estate as far as the eye can see......there is a need here for more play grass and trees.
Just like Hobby Lobby...the Weeble House is celebrating Christmas already. Deck the Halls.
Haven't we all did this ? ok maybe not...but I really did leave Target a week or so ago and forgot to buckle Chloe in....she was frantic....just knowing she was going to fly thru the windshield any minute.
Oh Barbie....what have you gone and done now? Sweetie ?
If you have bathed a have been here more than once...right? Or at least looked as if you jumped right in.
Honey?? What are you doing in the floorboard...don't you have some mulch you should be hijacking from the side and back beds........Mr. easy way out (read the post below)
Love ya baby....for real.
have a happy day
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Only a Man....Go USA...and a GiveAway

Spring has come and gone.
I planted all of my flowers weeks, and I mean weeks ago.
What naturally follows, at least in my yard, is fresh mulch.
Well.........Not this least not yet....I keep nicely reminding G that I would take that truckload of mulch ANYTIME NOW.
Chloe and I went out yesterday for oh...I would say about an hour.
I arrived home to find G in the front yard
with a wheelbarrow of mulch.....spreading it in my beds.
What a guy....that made my day.
but wait...he did not have time to go get mulch...and he borrowed no one's truck.
Me: Hey...G...where are you getting that mulch from?
G: Oh......I'm getting it from the beds along the house and from the back beds and putting it up here...its all piled up back there anyway.

Well he can check that off his list and....I can't was working...and it was true...there was plenty of extra mulch in the other beds.
Only a man.......
Miss Chloe bug brought Mama some flowers....nothin' sweeter.
Whoa....I am suddenly very ready for the Summer Olympics.
I think Chloe and I will really enjoy watching it this more than Chloe, but, will be a good time. GO USA ~!!!

A GiveAway...this one is for the dog??

Win it for a friend.

One cutie pa-tootie leash

a fold-up travel bowl...this is just fabulous for long car drives...doggies get thirsty too...and of course you can use it for food.

4 rubber footie print magnets.

All New !!

Leave a comment on this post of your favorite childhood pet...didn't have one? What would you have loved to have?

Chloe will draw a winner on Wednesday !! Good Luck !!

have a happy day

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wall-e......Wow !!

Wall-e....I am so in love with this little robot.
He's loving...He's smart....He's cute !!
This was such a good movie.
Chloe loved it. We loved it....and the popcorn and sugar babies were not bad either.
I say go see it...its a movie....Disney and Pixar both amaze me.
Please do check reviews however, to make sure it will be good for your family.

have a happy day !!
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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Big Wheel It Has To Be

Do you remember this lovely.....did you have one?
Oh...I loved my Big Wheel...see the little holes in the red base...that allow you to move the seat up or back?
I would squirt water in there with the nozzle that was my fuel allowed me to go Super Fast !!!

I am seriously considering getting Chloe one of these for her birthday....which is very soon.
She has pretty much no interest in a bike, but
we were at Toys R Us on Tuesday and she made laps on this baby.
I knew it was the one when she pulled up beside a little boy who was there trying out a bike and said
" wanna race?"
he did not respond he just stared in horror.....
She looked at me and said " I guess he dont wanna race momma" and left him in her dust tires spinning and all.....You Go Baby !!!

Do you have Big Wheel memories.....?
Oh I dating myself again?

have a happy day
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is it Friday YET ?

Let me catch my breath.....ok I am not complaining.....well maybe I am.
Selling your house sucks.

Yesterday I got a house was showing in 2 hours....Oh great...I am 30 minutes from home and my house looks exactly like what it is.......a 3 year old's playground.

I sped home, ok not really mom, but yea . I washed ...folded ... dusted...wiped....vacuumed....straigtened....hid....grabbed the dog and busted out the door.

Went back to mom's(thirty minute drive) to kill the allotted hour...picked up Chloe and headed back home...Chloe the dog and I
oh where was Garren you ask.....on the golf course....figures !! footprints on the freshly vacuumed carpet....and Lei Lei is not sniffing......those losers didn't come. Sure enough after consulting with my realtor ... it was a no show. Could the other realtor not have even had the decency to call and let me know. Creep !!
Rumor has it his clients still want to see the house....guess what....they will see it on my time....I know that's ugly, but GEEEEZ....I will not drive all over tar nation and clean like a mad woman for him again.

Fast forward to today....another call...showing from 5:30 to 6:30
Hey...I can totally live with is already clean...just need to make sure there are no undies in the floor....grab the dog....grab the kid....grab the husband and GO.
NOPE nothing is that easy....another call....showing from 7-8.....well...I wanna sell my house so.....

why not....what does this mean you say?
All of us....yes the dog too....out and about for 3 hours.
You know this can't be all good.

Garren chooses this quaint little outdoor dining spot so we can take the dog......we were ran off by the flies. Good idea just didn't work out.

Next stop...somewhere we can take the not a park...its raining now....Ah Ha....a Pet Store.
Daddy: "Chloe....wanna take Lei Lei to a pet store?"
Chloe: " yea...I wanna go to the one with the cat and the dog ....not the ball"
See below......Kids crack me up....I know I say that all the time.....the things they notice and recall its astonishing at times.

So we went to PetCo the one with the cat and the dog.
this little fella we will never own....yea he's cute and all....but he is a mouse.

I WILL have a bird one day....and one of these beauties will do nicely.
Perfection. Do you just love that color or what ?
and Chloe wants one of these......I said yes, after we move....knowing full well she will hold me to it.
have you had a guinea did that go? thanks. Unless I could slip a few in that naughty realtor's cereal.....Mr. Unprofessional.

have a happy day
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Come on ...Make me an Offer

Hi Ladies and Fellas.....just popping in to say that I will do my best to post something worthy of reading tonight.....Our house is finally showing...of course the WIENER that was supposed to show it last night didn't' show after I cleaned like a MAD WOMAN...but its showing again tonight.

So if you love me you will keep your finger crossed......

I have some very exciting news in a few days........stay tuned for sure !!

have a happy day
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something Lemony....Together Tuesday and Let the Countdown Begin

Ahem.....first..if you have not been HERE today......go now...chances are if you read my blog you read this one too.......some exciting news !!

Do you recall my etsy sensational seven a few days ago......Well.....I now own those cards from Lemon Tree

they are mine...
prefectly wrapped...
looky....I just love these .

Together Tuesday began with the usual breakfast at Panera Bread....I swung thru the drive-thru and got me some Bojangles...I could not eat one more bagel...I am all bageled out....I just needed some grease.
as if I needed any of this
Oh my gosh...Oh my gosh...Wall-e T-shirts...Mommy Mommy...can I have one...can I have two?
Only 4.97...yea we bought 2...they had 6 styles to choose from.
Chloe asks everyday is today Wall-e day?
Let the countdown begin for real......Friday is almost here.
Chloe plans to wear this shirt and is taking her Wall-e and Eve figures with her.
She is really just too cute.

Free soap for for 1.00 off...soap was only .97....ka-ching

and a little something for Daddy's baby.

See.....told you she was daddy's baby.

If you dont love a weenie dog....get ya head checked.

Cuteness !!!

And check this out for more cuteness.....

have a happy day
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Monday, June 23, 2008

So Thankful

My Best Friend...Amy called me this morning....and I could instantly tell from her voice all was not well.
she says " Tell Garren that he can buy my car now at a great price if he still wants it"

Well...that just did not sound right...I mean yea, Garren loves her car.....but she knows we are not making purchases....we are saving for Disney World.

I am adding up the tone of voice and the odd comment....and it totals something is not right.

Amy was in a wreck Saturday....a young driver pulled out in front of her.
Amy (thank God) sustained just some minor stuff.....bumps and bruises and a case of whiplash.
Stuff like this stops you in your tracks.... other than my family this is the single most important person in my life.
She is that friend you can say anything too...and go un-judged and receive the most loving and un-biased advice.
That friend that can say ...." are dead wrong this time"...and it doesn't offend.
That friend that you call when something is wrong ....really wrong.
That friend that you tell your secrets too.....because you know that is where they will rest.
yea it was a beautiful car.....
but EVEN more Amy, you are a beautiful person....
and if I have not told you lately....I LOVE YOU !!!!

have a happy day
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Saturday, June 21, 2008


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Mail Call, Buttons and a Winner !!!!

Mailllllllllll Calllllllllllllllll
Beautiful paper lace from Brookerpie
Who knows where this will end up.
I spotted this sweet little travel case on clearance at Target quite a while back...
I instantly fell in love
It holds my buttons and a few other random items.

I wanna see your buttons....what holds your buttons...I know at least half of you that read my blog have a huge supply of buttons......let's see em'.
11 names in a hamburger basket.....
1 fresh from her nap in her Minnie pajamas darling little name picker.

1 Winner....yay !!!! Margaret......please contact me with your mailing me at or contact me thru etsy.

Thanks for playing...look for another fun giveaway soon.

Don't forget all the paper in the shop is half off !!!!!

have a happy day

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Rambling On....

Chloe has reached that independent "I can do it" stage, who knew it would ever come....of course with the exception of potty time when every 3rd or 4th time she goes she insists over and over that when she has to go really bad she needs some help.
What does this mean?.....she can do each and every step of goin' does the 35 seconds she spends begging us to assist and running in place help...... because if she has to go really bad isn't that just prolonging the agony...holy cow I got of track.....anyway

Ms. Chloe persistently goes to the fridge and helps herself to a "big" water....then drinks 2 or 3 sips and pours it in the dog dish......So
At Target we bought tiny Chloe waters....nicely nestled on the bottom compartment of the door so she can help her independent self.....and drink and drink until she has to go so bad she needs some help.
What demon possessed me to purchase these....water flutes?

In actuality they are pretty neat...they are designed for use in the bathtub and you fill them with various water levels to get different notes.

Mail Calllllllllll

A few days ago Michelle of LuckyChelle Boutique contacted me and said " I have some fabric scraps would you like to HAVE them??

Welllll....YEA....thanks so much...I love them all.

and a lovely tag and bird to go along...Go check out her chipboard and tag albums....they are adorable and so well priced.
Chloe happily doing her new chore to earn Disney spending money.
Chloe and I stayed home today....let's see what we got into....Dollar Tree.

Love this place....look at that cute craft apron for Chloe....Ice pop makers
some really cute and way cheap scrapbook/crafty goodies. Yummmmy !!
Chloe bought all of these squishy thingys...I dont really even know what they are....she gathered them all up and is showing them the Wall-e trailer....we are counting down the days until this movie hits the theatre.

Michaels....great place for giveaway for friends....and crafty goodness !!
and a great place for Bees....darn this $7.00 Bee...all he did was encourage her to run me half to death when we got home.
She is mildy obssessed with the BEE MOVIE and we HAD to run laps thru the kitchen...sunroom and family room...pretending we were pollen jocks......I near bout died.
Little money saving tid-bit here....maybe you already knew this....I did CAN use coupons on trial sizes unless they specifically state that you can't (I have not seen one as of yet that did).......I got these items and 4 others(shave creme, baby shampoo, face wash, lotion) this week for FREE !!
Well no not for FREE I made money...most of these were .97 and my coupons were for $1.00 and more.

G's health insurance company thru work sent all employees a pedomoter and a mp3 player encourage walking...I told Chloe she really should not be wearing it....she would more than likely blow it up !!!! The kid don't stop.
not bad for free huh?

dont forget the giveaway drawing is tomorrow.....scroll down to comment and get you name in the hat.

have a happy day

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sensational Seven

What are the Sensational Seven ?

I browsed thru my etsy favorites....and picked out my tippy top seven favorite items.
I am just so completely giddy over etsy and all it means and all it had allows me to is a FABULOUS place for artists of all kinds...and supporting handmade is one of the best things we can do.

Here goes a little Etsy Love.....

Yummy paper many uses for this...I am expecting some in the mail any day now....cant wait.

Neat-O Address Book.....lovin' the yellow bird. Visit Beth Bee to see more.
tu-tu wearin' tree climbing magnificent superstar.....I love this shirt.
Describes my peanut to a T. You can get it here at Funky Little Kids.

I just keep on lookin' at these cards at Lemon Tree.....I don't send many cards but I keep thinking I need them anyway. Fabulous shop, fabulous goodies and an even more fabulous shop owner. You will be glad you stopped by.
This item has sold...but I am keeping it in mind for a possible custom later on....I just love everything at Olive and you will too.
Woooo ... talk about tempting this is perhaps the shop that calls my name the will eventually break me down...Whimsy Ranch has the most unique and funky items. If you have a little girl in your life it is worth checking out.
Last but certainly not least....Elle's Studio...just the best paper and most funky and useful items ever....these dandelion tags are my current fav. This girl is so creative. Elle recently launched a website....check it out too....lots of scrapbooking inspiration to be had there.

Hope you enjoyed these sensational seven...don't just peek at the photos here...visit the shops and support these artists....BUY HANDMADE !!!

P.S. All of the paper in my shop is 50% off...I will no longer be offering paper with the exception of the occasional de-stash. Thanks !!

have a happy day

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