Monday, June 30, 2008

Play Mimics Life

At Nana's house Chloe has quite the spread
A little People House
A Bigger People House
A Weeble TreeHouse
A Little People Garage
She sets up her village on the hearth to create a town at just her level.
The people rush about...they eat and have family time.
Go to work.
Drive their cars.....and have road rage....OOOPS !!
Have their oil changed.
They go thru the many of the same motions we do each day. Real Estate as far as the eye can see......there is a need here for more play grass and trees.
Just like Hobby Lobby...the Weeble House is celebrating Christmas already. Deck the Halls.
Haven't we all did this ? ok maybe not...but I really did leave Target a week or so ago and forgot to buckle Chloe in....she was frantic....just knowing she was going to fly thru the windshield any minute.
Oh Barbie....what have you gone and done now? Sweetie ?
If you have bathed a have been here more than once...right? Or at least looked as if you jumped right in.
Honey?? What are you doing in the floorboard...don't you have some mulch you should be hijacking from the side and back beds........Mr. easy way out (read the post below)
Love ya baby....for real.
have a happy day
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Tori said...

I love the insertion of the "mulch" comment...something my husband would do too! You are soooo not alone on that one ;)..

shelly said...

hee hee hee! i love it! too funny, man those were the days of pretend, huh? CUTE!

Amy Bell said...

oh my word! the mulch thing at the it. love it. you are SOOO funny...seriously...which i could hang at your house and watch garren's face as you write that stuff!