Thursday, June 26, 2008

Come on ...Make me an Offer

Hi Ladies and Fellas.....just popping in to say that I will do my best to post something worthy of reading tonight.....Our house is finally showing...of course the WIENER that was supposed to show it last night didn't' show after I cleaned like a MAD WOMAN...but its showing again tonight.

So if you love me you will keep your finger crossed......

I have some very exciting news in a few days........stay tuned for sure !!

have a happy day
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Traci said...

The worst part about selling a house isnt packing imo but having to keep a sparkly house 24/7 for people to drop in and look in every corner and closet!!!
hmmmmmmm...the last time someone told me they had exciting news and was selling their house it only meant ONE thing :0

You can call me Lucky. said...

(((you don't have to post this one))) . . . but exciting news??? Are you pregnant too!?! :)

Holly said...

Exciting news!? Could it possibly be?????

I'll be praying for the swift sale of your lovely home.