Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ummm What?!?, $7.00, Some Hoops, A Bee and A Smile

On vacation I'm sure just like you we try do do a little something everyone wants to do.
Chloe really wanted to eat at the Nascar Grille.
so we did.

Bonus...they have a tv at nearly every table....helps keep the kiddos somewhat occupied...we kinda got to have a grown up meal....that is until....

they gave us these to go cups Ummmm What?!? much as you pay for drinks in a restaurant G and I always get refills to go.....these were just hilarious.....I am guessing we did not get our money's worth that night.

We grabbed them up and left with a smile.

To complete her Nascar themed evening Chloe begged in true 3 year old fashion to go in back of the restaurant and visit the Nascar SpeedPark.....oh joy !!

Upon entering......mind you we were not even outside yet where the "cars" are....she saw HIM
Barry from the Bee Movie
and can not purchase him which is what I was ready to must win him....with tickets.....350 of them to be exact.

$7.00 into the token machine....and into our hands a pile of tokens....

we began to look around to see how we could get the required tickets the quickest and with the least pain. Daddy chose basketball....and you know it was killen' him to have to shoot basketball over and over....and to have his girls there rooting and cheering....he just hated it.

Finally...after about 30 minutes....we go to the ticket munching machine....its counts them for you....and spits out a receipt.

Yay !!! we have plenty.

One Barry Please....and with the extra tickets a Live Strong type Nascar SpeedPark bracelet and a clear jelly bracelet with blue glitter...which may or may not have ended up on my wrist. Let me tell you ladies and gents.....we have one happy camper.
On our way out the door to check out what outside fun was to be had...." Daddy....I want one of those backyardigans"

Are you thinkin' what I am thinkin'....Run.....

have a happy day

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C said...

I love how she has her hands on her hips! Ha!

shelly said...

i've never even heard of half of those characters!! I am soo out of it! Barry? Backyardigans? LOL!

You can call me Lucky. said...

We went to an arcade with my sister last weekend to entertain her for a little while. I am so happy there was no camera cause my lovely hubby talked me into doing one of those goofy dance-dance things where you have to move your feet all over the place. My sister and I looked so ridiculous! I only wish I could say it was cute!
I gave my tickets to a few little kids playing games there. I love it when you do that and their eyes *light* up! So cute!

Amy Bell said...

oh, barry...and the backyardigans!!! what genius is stocking those machines! i am with and run fast...we have a little place over by us and they have a little pizza place and arcade...trent likes is maybe even MORE than the boys!

so glad you liked your treats in the mail...hope you can use the linens fro something creative...i thought you could find a creative use for them!