Monday, June 16, 2008

If you don't like CHAOS...Hit your back button now.

I know I know.....I have not been here in a while .....sorry
My excuses are as follows.....

I have been super busy you know how a vacation can set you back

and I just have so much to post (leftover vacation and the here and now) it felt better to put it off....a little procrastination if you please.

To de-clutter my head and my photos to blog about goes...its a big one. If you like rhyme and reason....leave and come back tomorrow...because this post is a whole bunch of everything.
Do I have the only husband who insists upon driving from here to Timbuktu (actually to Myrtle Beach) on 1/8 of a tank of gas.

When questioned about this...he states that he knows precisely which gas station he wants to get gas out and that he has more than enough to get there.......WHY ?!? though... Why!?!

Do you recall my post about how in the South when people find a hubcap they stand it up somewhere in hopes that the owner and said hubcap will be in point...Southern Hospitality at its BEST !! Ya'll come on down ya hear.
When we arrived at the Beach we headed down to the Sun Fun Festival..we were hoping to meet Eric Braeden better known as Victor Newman from the Young and the Restless...however we did not make it in time as we arrived to find our beach house with some water issues that we won't get into.....

but we did make it in time for the Third Eye Blind Concert....some of our ole' datin' music. It was HOT and it was FUN !!

I finished this book on the way to the beach..something else I had been putting off...I just knew how it would end.....Geez I need a tissue just thinking about it.Amy this is for the boys....each and every time we would pull up to this intersection at the beach Chloe would shout....back up so I can see that R2-D2, we had no clue what she was talkin' about...and we were probably discussing where we were we brushed it off.

it happened over and the day we were leaving G said...let's go to that intersection one more time and see what she is talkin' about.....

upon pulling up...I just knew she was seeing the vacuum canisters at the car wash, hahaha Chloe those are she said ... that is not R2-D2...right here ....on that pole...

kids don't miss a thing do they??
yet another fun package from One Ripe of my FAVORITE shops.

She makes the cutest polka dotted tags...these are for Chloe's Bee Movie birthday party.

I go to my buddy at Lemon Tree for fabric scraps....she always does me right...this shop ROCKS ! Be sure to check out her Friday giveaways.
got the most stellar deal on Chloe's party goods on EBAY.....very pleased with the money I saved....should be a buzzin' good time.

Cna't say enough about Amy at Stinky Toes.....just one of the BEST people I have NEVER met yea...I sad never met....always sending me the most fab stuff....she knows precisely what I like. Mmmmm old linens.
and her hand-made goodies...this clip is in my hair right this second....I love it....thanks are a doll.
look what's been hanging around....hey kitty...not so fond of cats around be on your way now.

There are some really cute new goodies at JaneSays....go see.

Also a new 10% Off Section.

My apologies for this all over the place post.

have a happy day

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Amy Bell said...

girlie..i was going to write you tonight if you did not post...i was worried about you!!! :) feel stalked? sorry about that...:) so glad you had a great vacation! the boys would be all over the r2d2 sticker...oh yes...they are completely ocd about star, luke was a droid and if you tapped him on his nose he would be shrink to a ball...very funny. he is playing his game right now...hmm...not sure about those games....
the bee party! the boys would be all over that!!! they love to pretend to be pollen funny.
picked 10 pounds of berries today...zeke ate about 2 pnds...:) been canning them all day...i totally need to pack for NY....getting nervous.

traci said...

I was missing your posts...glad your back!! I was cracking up at the r2d2 are right, kids dont miss anything...that is crazy!!! I too LOVE stinky feet...I have ordered several things from her, shes not just super talented but SUPER SWEEEEET!!! As for the gas thing. My hubby doesnt have to have a certain place to get gas, he just likes to wait til the last second...makes me CRAZY. Ok, now dont wait so long to post again...oh yeah, one more thing...let that super cute, sweet cat in. I am not a cat fan either. In fact, I said we would have cats when hell froze, yeah, I tend to be dramatic at times. Well, I guess hell might have froze over cause we let a cat in that was homeless and she is the sweetest, calmest, nicest, most obedient angel ever...just give it a try.

You can call me Lucky. said...

Lucky you. Third Eye Blind is my favorite band!

Anonymous said...

i love posts that are all over the place! was JUST want I needed right before bed...that r2d2 is hilarious!! LOL!
btw, I went to joann tonight and those quotes are all gone, not getting more in either... :(:( maybe a destash soon? you get to pick first, of course.

Trish said...

thanks for the update! found some new hearters!!!

Holly said...

xoxoxoxo the bee party will be such fun....and super cute too. Have a great time. Thanks for the update. I was missing you.