Saturday, March 29, 2008

Power Strip Thing A Ma Jigs....and Life Beautiful

Today was just lovely and I could not be more was was COLD...I hate to be a grumbler but it was just crumby....what a Saturday. No great photos...because if you know me you know I like sunny photos...not grey ones. I had so many new shop goodies to show blog now.... give you a little pre-shop entry peek ....but oh you may just have to see them at the same time as the rest of the world....oh yea...the rest of the world goes to JaneSays...its the best shop ever !! I did send my first package to Dubai this week...that tickled me..I love when people from far away places shop with me....its so..... for lack of a better

Crazy kid question of the day..."mommy...why do we have feet?" Ummmm so we have somewhere to put satisfied tell me why do we have feet ?

Crazy husband action of the know power strips..the thing-a-ma-jigs you can plug one million things into....well we obviously have nowhere to keep those things...they do not have a spot..I guess I have no basket or bin labeled Power Strip Thing A Ma Jigs...because they have started turning up everywhere....Garren just tosses them behind stuff...there is one behind my scrapbooks??!!?? I found one in a basket on the top shelf of my closet that holds my back-up photo discs and home-movies...What kinda crazy mess is now they are in a little pile along with the Easter baskets and bunnies an such waiting to get tossed into the attic....which is now the official spot for power strip thing a ma jigs.

Life:Beautiful ..... Faith for your Journey....this is a wonderful Woman's magazine about mom picked this up and is letting me borrow it this weekend. No...Chloe...I can't see you drinking that pepsi if you are behind the lamp..........

I have been tagged again to complete the tag chore of all tag will have to wait until tomorrow...should be fun check back...and yes....someone will be next !!

have a happy day
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jimaie.marie said...

holy cow, i LOVE your lamp! too funny that she's "hiding" behind it LOL!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

You are right...I would like that magazine! Ya think I can get it at the store? Well, I will just have to try!! Thanks, April!!