Friday, February 29, 2008

Magnets and Hensey and His Buddies

As promised.....the 40 magnets. Each one unique and super cute. I have some really cute birdy ones in the shop right now.

These 2 are my favorite I love birds and rainboots

and while I was preparing the goodie bags with these magnetic lovelies Chloe and my best friend Amy were making these.....One of them I believe it was the little green one was named Hensey. Prior to making these large-eyed mutants they were making pinkies donkies....and what are those you might say....Pinkies Donkies are the product of the Play-Doh Fun Factory, some Play-Doh, and my Chloe and best friend Amy's wild imagination ....they are the noodles like strings of Play-Doh that squirt out and resemble noodles. It has became a phrase that comes up now and then and cracks us up....Sit down today and make some Pinkies Donkies with your sweet little one and laugh all the way to your belly every time you say it....we do !!!

Have a happy day !!

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