Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sea Urchin Hat, Dinner and Maillllll Callllllllll

Sea Urchin Hat....My birdy... my sweet birdy....I picked up this birdy at TJ Maxx years ago...she was brown...not a good brown...a really bad I gave her a makeover. She is now this sweet green and goes perfect in my family room. Well bless this bird's heart...she sits on the coffee table...the prefect level playing ground for Ms. birdy sees lots of abuse. Each nick and chip only seem to add to her beauty I have yet to touch her up....I like the imperfections. Each and every time Chloe picks her up to move her over I hold mybreath. Just the other day I found Ms. birdy sporting a sea urchin on her head.....I of course went to remove it only to be stopped by..."Mommy...that's her hat'..... ahhhhh. Ms. birdy is still sporting her sea urchin hat.

Dinner...Mmmmmm Spaghetti and yes there will be more on Chloe and the table and the floor and anywhere else. I love chopped green bell peppers in my sauce.

Maillllllll Calllllll - Chloe's Max and Ruby them on ebay..She has not put them down since we opened the package. I got the March issue of Country Home love love love this magazine.

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