Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love Love

Some yummies I love love right now....

Ok Alice Apple

Stop it with these cute know I am a sucker for a weenie dog !!

These darling birdies from The Freckle Hound will be mine

and that's a promise....I just have to think of the perfect spot

I am trying to break myself from buying things for my home and

letting them sit until I find just the spot.

So...I'm thinkin' I'm thinkin'.




Please be sure you are sitting down.

Ugh.....look at this beauty

It's so cute it hurts me to look at it

You can find this at Nest Pretty Things

and if you go buy it...please don't tell me

I want one for every room in my house

What do you love love right now....send me a link I would love to see

and if I buy it....I won't tell you....promise.

Have a happy day
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JaeJay said...

Fell in love with this! The colours, the style.

Karen~ said...

How cute are those weenie pups! I have a friend that would go nuts for one of those cuties!

Thanks for sharing April!


Kelly O. said...

Right no I am in love with Icky bags --I know the name sounds awful but the bag is soooo useful!
I want one in all my fave designer fabrics!

And moss terrariums!

They're so awesome! Maybe I could actually keep something like that alive! These candlestick terrariums are my fave!

Cherry Tree Lane said...

TOO adorable, but the cage is my FAV!

Ashley said...
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Gini said...

I too love those stuffed weenie dogs - so so cute!!! What do I love right now - how my office is turning out with my new I-AM-IN-LOVE-WITH-YOU chairs....

Happy day!

Ashley said...

Saw this & it reminded me of you! Knew you'd love it~

SoSoBella Designs said...

i love the bird cage :O)
L.O.V.E. it!