Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Can You Live Without

I heard this on the radio yesterday....and it really had me puzzled.

Pick 5 from the following items you would be willing to live without if you HAD to give up 5.

1. Computer
2. High Speed Internet
3. Land Line Phone
4. Air Conditioning
5. Clothes Dryer
6. Cell Phone
7. TV
8. Car
9. Microwave
10. Cable or Satellite TV

You can share in the comments section...or keep it to yourself

My 5 are Land Line, Clothes Dryer, Cable or Satellite TV, Microwave, and Air Conditioning makes me feel completely crazy that I choose Internet and just plain ole TV with no satellite over air conditioning. I may change my mind when the 90+ days arrive.

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Have a happy day
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Beth said...

My 5 I could live without...
-land line phone-tv-cable tv-air conditioning-computer - - - but I guess I'm kind of cheating on that one cause my cell phone is an iphone, so with high speed internet it basically is a computer. Tough decision on the last one though! Thank goodness sewing machine wasn't on the list to pick from. :)

Heidi said...

I don't know what I would be willing to give up. Not the cell phone and the internet, I know this for sure!

Luke and Hailie Girl said...

I would give up the landline (don't have one know as it is)
dryer ( I live in AZ for Gods sake)
microwave (can use the good ole oven)
tv and cable (if you have a computer and high speed internet you can watch it from there)

Jen said...

I could definitely give up my landline, in fact, I'm not sure why I even still have it other than for emergencies. No one ever calls on it...even if they know I'm home. TV & cable TV would be an easy one too, but is it cheating that I'd watch the shows on my computer using high speed internet?!?!

Renee said...

Cell phone, Air conditioner, Microwave, Cable and Dryer. I won't give up my land line because it is the only direct access
to 911. I can't imagine how much longer it would take in an emergency to have help arrive...every second counts.