Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eye Candy...Better Late Than Never

Easter like any other holiday
has a routine
The Saturday before Easter
Chloe and I go dye Easter eggs with Nana (my mom)Chloe got a fun basket from Nana
I promptly kidnapped the cute chicky-poo
and she is happily sitting on a shelf in my studio
We dyed a dozed eggs
and had dye left-over
and the crafter in me...could not let it go to waste
we dyed some yarn
We dyed some muslin
I always think the eggs look a little strange...all speckley
if you know how to avoid that....clue me in
Perfect ending to a perfect day
Put egg on your nose...and cross your eyes....don't ask me...she is 4
you know how that goes.
have a happy day
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Theresa said...

oooh cool, I didn't think to dye other things. I'm so doing that next year!

Jessica said...

She's so cute! Yes, sillyness is a 4 yr old thing isn't it.

Gordostyle said...

What a great idea -- to use the dye! I can't wait 'til next year!!!!

As for the speckles... hmmm... ours don't do that. Do you put vinegar in your dye? Are your eggs completely cooled? So curious on that one!