Friday, April 24, 2009

Curl Up and What ?!?!

Sorry no fun and fancy post today...I am currently having some laptop issues.

I have the sheer pleasure of doing a clean install of Vista tonight...and installing
allllllllllllllll my software and files from my external.....again.
Wanna join me ???

Ms. Amy of Stinky are always saying you wish you could come over and drink coffee and chat......come on down....I'll drink coffee and chat...while you fix my laptop (wink)

I will leave you with this....I can't decide if it is catchy or morbid and macabre....While driving to Cookout today for a yummy Hot Dog...I saw a salon I had never seen....Curl Up and Dye......Hmmmmm
A little catchy....yea......a little creepy .....yea.

Catchy or Creepy?
Could you let your hair go there ?
Why do I picture stuffed animals, of the real kind, sitting all around ?

Hoping to be in full swing again soon
have a happy day
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Beth said...

COOKOUT... yummmm. my brother lives in Greensboro and that's always at the top of our list when we visit.
As for the other - I don't think I'd get my hair done at Curl Up and Dye - but caught my attention for sure!

geetabean said...

That is the name of the salon in the movie Runaway Bride (the one with Julia Roberts) it's a cute name. I would totally go there!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

hmmm...that is creepy. yep, that's my vote.

Amy said...

That is the same name as the salon in the movie Runaway Bride.


ArtGirlBlue said...

We have one of those here...and I always makes me stop...think...and laugh...LOL.

Happy Friday!

Margaret said...

We have one of those near us. It is catchy and a little creapy at the same time.

Hope your computer gets better. I hate having to mess with mine.

Chelsea Ling said...

hope you get everything worked out! xo

Amy Bell said...

curl up and dye...i have been laughing about that from it. love it. so great! but, i would worry about my hair...and i am a hair snob. really.