Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long track speed skating ya never thought you would see a
post titled that
did ya ??
I'm watching the Olympics last night
when Sven Kramer
a DUTCH DOLL appeared
I'm lookin' down at my laptop
I hear
" mom....he's cute huh?"
ha...what does she know
I looked up at the screen
well heeeeellllooooooooooooooooo
turns out she knows A LOT
holy cannoli and guacamole

Enjoying the Olympics
GO USA......and thank you Sven for
introducing me to long track speed skating
I never would have watched otherwise.
have a happy day
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Amy Bell said...

oh my word this is funny! i heart you.

Kandi said...

"well heeeeellllooooooooooooooooo" Too funny. I almost spit my Mtn. Dew out when I read that in your post. I was watching him too, he is a cutie. Thanks for making me laugh.

joyfullness said...

I mean...April..
I am so tickled by this post!!
Please come see my blog...i don't know if you ever have...but i'm inviting come on over...
My post for today (i preposted on the weekend) relates...
Where can we get some of those body suits...???

joyfullness said...

sorry...i messed up..
that looks better!