Monday, February 1, 2010

white stuff

we really have no clue
how to act
being that this was one amongst
only 3 snows Chloe has had the privilege of
enjoying...and being by far the largest (7 whopping inches)
she just had to lay in
feel it
get to know it
"hi white stuff....I am Chloe and I like you"
and seeing as we are clueless as to what to do in
the white stuff that is too dry to make a snowman (who knew)
or snowballs
the crafter in me said let's color
I mixed food coloring in squirt bottles
and that almost.........almost mind you made me wanna go out too
I HATE ....well...don't love COLD.

I chose to watch safely and warmly from my 72 degree
dry home
even our poor animals have
no clue how to act
Daisy just could not pick up
that she had to pee......IN the white stuff
upon seeing that Chloe had painted yellow on the white stuff
in the sled.....Ms. Daisy thought maybe she could fool us
she stepped ever so carefully up on the sled
"ha...looks like pee....they'll never know I didn't do it......ruff ruff"
all done"
not so fast blackie
go git
and like the rest of us
Daisy eventually grew accustomed
and whined to go out so she could nibble on some snow

What do you do when you have zero big hills
you sled down your road

and you enjoy it

and you hope for more white stuff
which just may be
this coming weekend
or so I hear
hmm....maybe not so bad
now that we kinda feel like we know you
white stuff
( no silly comments from you peeps who LIVE in way more than 7 inches.......this was major for us....MAJOR I tell you)
let me think we conquered it......k....
have a happy day
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1 comment:

Megan said...

We had about the same snow fall (Western North Carolina) ...and it was major for us too!

Stay warm ....