Thursday, January 28, 2010


new year
some new additions
to my colorful (if its not bright...don't bring it here)
home Thank you Crystal
we all LOVE our Chloe dollie
Sa-Weeeeeeet !!

the cuckoo clock ..... remember her
finally got a spot on the wall
I attempted to get it fixed.....but after much tinkering
no luck
working or not....this is one of my favorite pretties
tempts me to nibble on it every time I walk by.....looks like candy
the rocks look just like the everlasting gobstoppers from the original
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie
let me get a show of hands
how many of you LOVE
to find old
perfectly beat-up and worn down furniture
(I know YOU do)
at the thrift store
for under $20
this functional and so so aqua piece is by the front door and
GREAT for dog leashes....sweaters
umbrellas....tote bags.....because storage is one thing I cant' get enough of
Chloe....can ya help mama out....I need me some new magnets
color some space pictures
stick them on a magnetic sheet
cut them out
adorable robot magnet
made by my one and these

my favorite new way to mat a photo or print
scrapbook paper
try it

have a happy day
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Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the aqua!

Texas Gal said...

Wow- this post has me CRAVING spring!!! Ahh - you made me smile today. So bright and lively ~