Thursday, January 7, 2010


Do you think you are Earth aware ?
Do you do all you can......some stuff.....a few things to make a difference?
I rarely think about what I'm doing to the Earth.....I find myself suddenly becoming aware and before I turn around I'm thinking about what I want for dinner or rubbing my neck cursing myself for standing at the studio table tooooo long last night.....or thinking about what book Chloe and I will read at bedtime.
Truth is.....I don't work taking care of the Earth into my life.
While I don't blantantly ABUSE the Earth....I don't feel I do all I can.

I stumbled upon TerraCycle
perhaps your child's school does this
It's simple
You collect trash.....certain trash
juice pouches
candy wrappers
chip bags
scotch tape dispensers
empty ink pens and markers
and there are many more
you request the FREE SHIPPING labels
and send these goodies to TerraCycle
and they make ...........
Trash Can


Gift Bows (my fave )
another cute bag

You join one or more brigades ( a group that collects one certain item)
You can make a team (church, neighborhood, friends) or just do it alone
After you send in your trash a check is mailed to the charity of your its double good !!!
Go check TerraCycle out
it just may be the one thing you can do.
have a happy day
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Margaret said...

We use several of the items they recycle. Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for easy ways to help the earth. The pen one would be great to start at the office I work at.

Kandi said...

My 9 year old so saw a show on Terracycle several months ago and was obsessed with collecting juice packets (capri sun). He got a big pile of them going outside and for some reason brought them into our house, along with hundreds of tiny sugar ants!!! Yuck! Well, we don't collect those anymore, but I'm going to check into their list of other things they take. I think it's a great idea. :)

Amy Bell said...

hey little lady..i see you were published! can we see the article??? so happy for are one talented chicka.