Saturday, January 9, 2010

Did someone say cute ?

I'm hooked
on these adorable
vintage banks
so much that I am making an excuse to
own most of them
Chloe is going to become a vintage bank collector
that's right
I'm making that decision for her
it completely justifies buying all these cuties
doncha think?
now don't ya'll go getting attached found here....but don't go buy her
found here....but don't go buy him either
the cow...the cow...I LOVE the cow
found here
and yea....don't go buy that one either
cross my heart I love you too
found here
answer is still no ya'll
I'm not lyin'...I love this guy too
found here
not that you care....right ?
cause you don't want him...right ?
stop it with this adorable school house
found here
you don't need me
found here
Mr. Rooster says its time to save
and I say its time for you to forget I ever showed you these
they are completely dreadful and you would never want to own one
I will do all I can to see that they all find a good home
you need not worry (wink)
have a happy day
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Megan said...

....Have a fabulous Sunday!

Can't remember anything related to your post at the moment..... I just know I have a lot of stuff to buy. :)

Enjoy your new collection!

Krissy @ B.Inspired, Mama! said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Schoolhouse bank from B.Inspired Vintage. I'm humbled to share such great company. Love that cow bank especially!

You have a lovely blog here. I will be adding it to my reader!

Take care,
Krissy said...

Whatever the make of these vintage banks, I love them, too. My fav bank was this make and it was a green lion who looked like he was made of yarn. He had a real satin bow at his neck. I miss him, still. Thanks for sharing. Posted about you on my Twitter today @SoAutoVintage