Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a want

I don't have many wants
I don't really need anything
I am fortunate and lucky
but if the little girl in me could speak for just a moment
if the "I want" in me could just peek out of it's dark cave for one second
I really want a Blythe doll
I'm not completely sure why
I know....seems crazy to want to spend hundreds on a doll
that I don't even know why I want
They are just so very beautiful
and fun
and those eyes
and did you move their eyes with pull cool.
I just need one
to play with
to dress up
to pose and photograph
and I would not have to worry about Chloe snatching her
Chloe.....well...she dislikes dolls. Eve Prom Queen from Gnome Hut's flickr
Don't you just want her.....serious.

The boots......the cute ?
I don't' even have a word for this......amazing.

My Blythe will probably need this wig from Shopoholican
and certainly this polka dot dress from Jolie Doll Shop

and PEACE....what is life without a little Peace, even for a Blythe ?
so cute from Pistachio Libby

Are you a Blythe girl?
Do you know a place to purchase them where I can get a phenomenal deal?
Now this is just between me and you.....hubs would FREAK if he thought I would spend hundreds on a doll...being that I am over the age of 12.
If he does spot her on my shelf....I can tell him I found her Shhhhhhhh.....haha!
have a happy day
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Megan said...

****said in a whisper****
I secretly heart them too....shhh...I don't own one...but could start stashing money away.

Post when you know where to find them.

Holly said...

hahaha you crack me up. They are very cute dolls though. My hubs would freak too if I spend that kind of money on a doll. He would for sure think I have flipped. haha

Melissa said...

You can find the petite (4") ones on ebay for around $30. That may help fulfil your desire until you can get the real one :)

Micayla said...

My kind of girl......I have/would tell a little white lie when too much money has been spent.
Hope you find one for a good deal, they are cute!

the enchanted pumpkin said...

ahh! you should get one! they are bunches of fun! and you can make clothes for them to sell!

Libby said...

Thanks for including my pajamas on your wish list. Let me know when you get your very own dolly! I would love to send you a little dress to get your collection started. My husband knows that I have TWO and we are still very happily married. xoxox Libby

PrincipessaShelley said...

Ok, I promise not to tell. I found some reasonably priced ($70 + $11 shipping) Blythe dolls here
Hope you get yours soon!

If you do get one, you most post pics so we can see the cutie that calls your home her own.