Tuesday, January 19, 2010

y says i

The days of the alphabet are gone
no longer are they just letters
the letters now make words
they are building blocks
Chloe is reading....and reading well.
I read her a book at night
and then she reads me a book
Its fun....its sweet....and let's be honest at times
its frustrating
You do not really notice how crazy the
English language is until you have
a little reader....a lot of it makes no sense at all
silent letters..."y" says "i" ....so on and so on.....
and it's often hard to explain

In honor of the simpler ABC days gone by
Some of my favorite Alphabet prints.




pronounced "bi"...sometimes "y" says "i"
have a happy day
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1 comment:

Flavy said...

I love all you write. This post is just perfect. I have a little one at home, he's learning write/read and English is not my first language and all the time I think the same: English is so trick and so hard to explain why "Y says I"...
Love your blog!