Sunday, January 3, 2010


Welcome to January
January is crazy and tiresome for lil ole me
why ?
Well here is what I do to myself in January
It begins on Christmas day
when I and the 2 other members of my family
bring home STUFF !!!!!!
I do NOT like clutter
I do not KEEP anything (except for MY crafty stuff)
I know that is what you were thinking Summer and Shelly so I said it for you
I FREAK out in January
I make numerous trips to Goodwill
I re-arrange furniture
I give things to friends and family
I make lists for
hardware stores
paint shops
home decor shops
I set out to re-do EVERY room in the house...hallways included.
Why do I not tackle one room at a time?
Its the stuff that does it........we have too much stuff........we get too much stuff......we even asked for less stuff this year...for ourselves and Chloe....and we still got oodles of stuff.
I feel so wasteful....tossing out perfectly good items
cause they get under my skin
cause I get tired of finding places to stick stuff.
Oh geeez...Im exhausting myself just telling it to you........

So at least try help me with a little mind clutter

the photo on the left is a fabric I snagged at IKEA
LOVE LOVE....gonna be something fun for the shop...when I can focus.
the photo on the right is stickers....the balloon in the center is probably
2 foot high....I thought about matting them on some pretty fabric or paper and framing them
for Chloe's room.....what do ya think ?? this
I fell in LOVE with these cute lil lights at IKEA
sweet lil flowers about.....18 inches wide
the idea of cords running down my wall though...really tries the neat freak in me
do you like them?
are they cute or gawdy?
and ideas for making the cords....well....cuter?
I'm in need some sleep soon as I move this nightstand......night night
have a happy day
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Megan said...

They are cute......but the cords would make me crazy. Just sayin'.

I'm crazy in January.... I want to flip my world upside down..... and create.

Maybe I'll start by cleaning out the fridge. NO MORE COOKIES.

Cheers to 2010. And Flower lights (minus the cord).

A Little Of A Lot said...

To make the cords look less cluttery (is that a word?) how about make some leaves out of felt or laminated fabric and hot glue them to make the cord look more like a flower stem, afterall I'm sure that's the idea behind the cord, right ?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fabric! Adorable.

LOL - we just took a trip to Goodwill as well... I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful evening!

Just me.....Shelly said...

I do not like clutter either, but it's all around me..grrr!

that light? meh, not so much....BUT, it would be a cuter cord with fabric ribbons tied down "leaves"?

you're gonna show us all the stuff you re-do, right??

Micayla said...

Ha, sounds like me! I have a spring clean pencilled in for Wed, Thurs and Friday.....yay clutter free hopefully!

b3designs said...

I have that light for my daughter. Here's a photo/post about it. The cord looks like the stem. it honestly doesn't hang perfectly straight down like the Ikea photo shows. It really is cute on the wall.
Go now and buy it - you'll love it. It's the perfect nightlight. It is not a good reading light.

Summer said...

Girl- you are so right. When I read the line about no clutter I immediately thought of your craft studio that is bulging at the seams. But it is true that the rest of your house is EXTREMELY organized and clutter free.

Holly said...

Hi sweets. Miss checking in on you! Love your wonderful blog. Happy 2010. Can't wait to see all of your reorganization pics. xoxo

Melissa said...

I think they're cute- the cords would make me crazy though. What if you added some leaves to the cords to make a pretty stem?