Tuesday, January 5, 2010

mmmmk....fabric, chicken and teeth....this will be so random

If you LOVE fabric....and even if you don't
HERE for an over the moon fabric giveaway from
this sweetie !!!

Calling all cooks....have you ever cooked with ground chicken ??
How's that....do tell.
I'm lookin' at this recipe

Moms.....did you or do you keep your kids baby teeth?

told you this would be random

have a happy day
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Jaimie said...

love that giveaway- already entered.
ground chicken has turned out weird for me both times i used it. bummer.

Kelly O. said...

my father kept all our baby teeth. I think they're still in a drawer somewhere.
a little creepy, I know.
But I'm a dental assistant and there's something special about baby teeth and kids think their teeth are so cool--I think I'll be keeping them...for a while anyways.

Kandi said...

Already commented on that fabulous fabric with fingers crossed.

Never have cooked with ground chicken, but we use shreaded chicken for tacos and enchaladas - good stuff.

So far I've kept my boys' teeth hidden away in a box because the tooth fairy still visits. When they lose a tooth, I have them put it in a ziplock bag and then under their pillow so the tooth fairy can find it easier. After the tooth fairy collects the tooth at night "she" labels the bag as to who's tooth it is and the date. Don't know what I'll do with them in the future, but that's how it works for now. Love your blog, by the way! Happy New Year!

BlackCatMima said...

I used ground chicken in another Rachael ray recipe that we LOVE - this one: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/rachael-ray/chicken-or-turkey-spanakopita-burgers-and-fries-with-yogurt-dip-recipe/index.html

We just eat the meat patties like mini-meatloaves and I make a Greek-inspired rice pilaf and a tomato-cucumber salad (w/ her yogurt dip recipe there as the dressing) to go with it. Soooo delish!

If your store doesn't have ground chicken on-hand, you can just ask them to grind a package of boneless chicken breasts for you - most will. I like it much better than ground turkey!

songskatesang said...

I love the fabric! She has some amazing choices!!

Chicken... hmmm :)

Baby teeth - yeah, I kept them. Is that weird? I was just so proud. Who knows. :)