Friday, July 11, 2008


Just a thought....

Last night I had my first straight from the garden meal.
Fresh Corn.
Fresh Butter Beans.
Fresh Potatoes.
Fresh Cucumber.
and not so fresh okra because I did not have okra yet.

While preparing this meal I discovered something I have kinda known for a while now.
I STINK at peeling potatoes.
and I mean STINK.

My mom can peel a whole potato in one long strand.....there are so cool and curly lying on the little paper place she insists on using for her peelings to land on...I peel mine into my sink.

When I peel potatoes...I make peeling chips....and a plethora of chips I make. I waste so much comes off in chunks.

I STINK at peeling potatoes.
What mundane task do you stink at?

have a happy day
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Shelly said...

I'm really really REALLY horrible at baking....nothing I bake ever turns out...soggy cakes, burnt cookies, rock-hard muffins, nope...not for me. That's why I stick to my puppy chow...easy and no baking involved.

The Cog said...

Ironing. Honest, by the time I am finished with a shirt I always miss the wrinkles in the shoulders and have created creases in places that are undsireable. Hence I get pretty miffed when the husband forgets to take his shirt to the cleaners for a wedding-funeral type of event. He tells me no one will notice because he is not the star of the show...but I notice, uhg.

Karen~ said...

I will have to say baking also. I will check it and think, "it needs just a few more minutes" but then just a min or two, it's too brown! FYI: I'm sure everyone else knew this but I didn't so I will share. When baking brownies, take them out a few min early because they will contiue to bake even after taken out of the oven. You guys probably already knew, I'm just way

Have a great weekend!