Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Not Near As Crazy As.......

Today Crystal over at Little Bit Funky shared that she has an obsession with jars....I mean a downright problem.
She asked what we "collect"
Well....Garren started this at our first home with a marble....he discovered it while mowing and brought it in the house a gave it to me.
I dropped it in this baby food jar.
and the odd collection grew from there.
The only requirements are....it has to be found on the ground....and someone other than myself has to find it and give it to me. Sure I could move the collection to something a little larger....but I "like" that it all fits inside of this baby food jar.....I just keep stuffing it in.
In fact....if Crystal had such a philosophy she would not have half the jar issue she does (wink).

Oooh I like it all lying in here.....tempting but no...too many little hands around here.
the tiniest shell ever

a glass fish Garren found this while mowing too.....very odd.

dried flower from Chloe

the always rock....its between Garren and I. another sweet dried flower from Chloe

a pile of shells

marbles...yes all found while mowing...why are there marbles everywhere...they seem to just pop up in the strangest places? Like a plane flew over long ago and dropped them here and there. my tiny pine cone...Garren managed to get this home un-harmed from a camping trip.

and my old barbie shoe that my step-dad found outside in their yard.....this was so mind-blowing...I could remember exactly when and why I had my barbies outside. It is in perfect condition...and I left the dirt on it....because its cool.

See....I am not near as crazy as Crystal.

Edited to add....in case you are a first time reader.....I love me some Crystal....this is in jest !!

have a happy day

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carly smith said...

i have been thinking of a reply to her post all day at work. love your collection!! we had a palm tree we got on our honeymoon, and the dirt in the pot became a holding ground for everything we found on the ground....army men, plastic horses, marbles.... it was great!

You can call me Lucky. said...

He sure finds alot of glass in your yard...at least it is pretty!!!

C said...

I know that you are just as crazy as me. Thats why we are perfect internet bffs. :)