Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never Nothing

What's on my bathroom counter....?
Never Nothing...I know it's bad grammar....I realize is a double negative
But that is the answer.....never nothing. I fell in love with this electric razor when I was pregnant and could not manage to shave in the shower....its great for quickies....would not trade my Venus for it....but I love it none the less

Ooodles of Redken samples for G....his mom passed those along
Hotel Shampoo and the like....I always bring these home for the Mother in law....she has a thing for these
My FAVORITE round brush, comb and clip
Always a bobbie pin here and there
Lysol....yep....we had to stay in a hotel this weekend......so Lysol was my friend

Hairspray and one of 3 waters in my room right now
Hand soap that traveled with us this weekend....I take my own handsoap too.....yes....I realize that is weird.
Method hand-soap....love this kind
My Aveda mask....Mmmm....face never felt smoother
STOP !!!!
Look !!!!
Ped Egg....oh how I love you.
I may be the last woman on earth to own a ped egg
I swear
It works......love this little booger
ok...now don't clean up.....go shoot....what's on your bathroom counter ?
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Chelsea Ling said...

Your counter looks pretty clean :) Mine currently has... soap, toothrbush (and paintbrush drying) cup, and one basket of misc stuff. We try to keep stuff in drawers and on a little shelf for the most part :)

Trish said...

I don't have a ped-egg! I've been thinking about getting one... the feet feel gross and now that it is becoming sandal season, well you know!

Love to hear that is works!

Kelly O. said...

I have never seen a ped egg! But now I'm intrigued...it really works eh?
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
I think I'll add it to my ever growing Christmas list. :)

Anonymous said...

I tooo take my own lysol and hand soap when we travel. Your bathroom counter is very clean. Mine has tooo much junk collected on it. The drawers overflowing with stuff. Sounds worse than it is, but still not as clean as what you have!
Glad to hear the Pedi egg works. I dont have one, They kinda gross me out. Great that it works. I may have to get it!

Casey said...

Everything from the drawers is on the counters because my son can now reach even the top drawer and empty it. I never thought of taking lysol to a hotel. Thanks now I have one more thing to think of. I do have to admit that I take my own sheets. I have overly sensitive skin and what they wash their sheets in (maybe pure bleach) makes my skin crawl. Awhile back while on vacation my sis and I thought of putting a T-shirt over the pillow so everyone else's dead skin isn't just hanging out on your face. Ewww ok that is enough. Great post!