Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Thrifting We Will Go

I enjoy thrifting
My favorite item to pick up is books for Chloe
You simply can not beat .50 for a book
Most of which are in excellent condition
As much reading as we do around here....its the only way to go
Occasionally I venture into the other aisles.....
Today was one of those days
Vintage paper tablecloth
Might keep this baby for might see her in the shop
Yummy vibrant colors

Love it
Pair of vintage hankies
On their way to the shop...but not before a little JaneSays magic !!
2 Sets of vintage napkins
I'm thinkin' super cute pillows....we shall see.
Be sure to check out my newest goodie .....branch buddies....just plum cute.
Have a happy day
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Trish said...

I love thrifting too!

You definitely got some fun stuff and your branch buddies are super cute :)

Anonymous said...

you guys live near some great thrift stores!! I wish I did!