Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reduce ... Reuse...Recycle and FREE CHICKEN

Perhaps the most interesting way to reduce, reuse and recycle.

While meandering thru some random blogs today...I came across this one.

Never again throw out your hubby's worn out undies......

Honey.... quick...get me all your old undies and some scissors.....Ha !!

and if you have not completely lost your appetite....Oprah has some FREE CHICKEN for you, but hurry....offer ends TODAY !!

Have a happy day
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Katy said...

Well, you've got me really confused (which I like), I'll go check this out.

Trish said...

I got the free chicken :) since it doesn't expire til the 19th we are saving it for when I am done with this whole diet thing!

Casey said...

OMG that is just wrong. Thanks for the laugh.

Amy Bell said...

i missed the deadline on the chicken!!! they are canceling it....did you guys have that down where you are???

happy mother's day to a sweet mama...