Monday, May 25, 2009

More Tongue Than You EVER Wanted To See

Chloe's school took a trip to Lazy 5 Ranch
You know the routine.....get the buckets of food
ride on the wagon pulled by a horse
Feed the animals
even the ugly ones
Sometimes they help themselves

Tongue #1
Tongue #2

A face only a mother could love
and tongue #3
Tongue #4
So BIG I feel safe counting it as tongue # 5 & 6Cleaning the wagon floor just in case we dropped any food
ugly but smart
tongue # 7
Favorite part

Sharing her food.....I love that kid

I would have to have some blue cheese with that
Trust me....tongue #8 is inside the bucket

Tongue #9

Tongue #10

If you did not see enough tongue to last you a lifetime....let me know
I have more
have a happy day

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Just me.....Shelly said...

nassy. but kinda cute.

BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

Oh my gosh - toooooo funny! And call me a weirdo (it won't be a first) but tongue number 9 is freakin' ADORABLE! What a great photo!

I kinda love kids and critters though. Like more than anything. :o)

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Love it!

NoraAnne said...

Awesome pictures!!!!