Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So you wanna write a children's book

forever and a day
I have wanted to write a book
the thought of writing a novel overwhelms me
the focus and dedication that must take
knocking myself down a few pegs I
consider a children's book
yea.....that seems doable
being a teacher's child
books rule
reading is king or should be for a child
I ponder .... jot down notes of daily
occurrences that could contribute to
a good children's book
and for goodness sake
living with a bubbly happy spark like Chloe
the inspiration flows like honey
eventuallyI arrived at THE idea
I have one....I have it
and its good
I see it unfold in my head
I see the illustrations
I want it finished
Why can't I leap
write it
type it
do it
what's the hold up?
I frustrate myself with the procrastination
what is the worst that could happen
nobody wants the book
and chances are that would be the case
if you google so you wanna write a children's book
it drills that home....its HARD to get a children's book published
hard to believe huh.....cause I have definitely read a good bit of children book junk
boring slow stories that go nowhere
but my idea
my story
I feel like it could go places...take a child on an adventure
show a child some good times
make a child smile
and a parent happy to read my story to their child
If you have a pair of gently used leaping shoes that you could let me
borrow or use...I would appreciate it.....and if they do indeed work
I just may keep them and you can choose any item in my shop as payment
Have you wrote a book....did you leap....tell me about it if you did
I need a push

have a happy day
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Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I am working on one... most importatnly - carry a journal. A lovely journal full of room for your story.

Then, take your time.. don't rush it. It can be the beginning of an amazing journey.

Best wishes!

Beca said...

I sooooo hear you on this one!! I go to the library and all the major book stores, etc and dream of what my story would look like, but never sit down and just do it. Just think of it this can't be that HARD to publish a children's book if there are so many of them out there that have no meaning and leave you and your child going, "huh?" at the end of the story. I come across them all the time at Barnes & ones that have just come out and I just can't believe they got published! Just the other day I picked up a longer "picture" book for my daughter (same age as yours) and started to read it. I loved the story, but as I read I realized all the adult humor and common adult sayings being used and she had no clue what was even going on in the story. It should have been in the adult short story section except for the illustrations were for children. that I've written you a novel, I totally get what you're feeling. JUST DO IT!! I know it will be great! After all, at least you know your readers will buy it, right? :)

Gordostyle said...

I have this very same craving! And I get a bigger and better craving every time I read a totally BAD-H0W-ON-EARTH-DID-THIS-EVER-GET-PUBLISHED children's book. In fact, I won't even buy children's books without reading the entire book first because, every time I slip and buy it without reading it, it. is. TERRIBLE! Anywho... I wish I had a pair of those leaping shoes for ya... if you get a pair, I might buy them from ya when you're done with 'em! HOWEVER, I do encourage you to take that leap! Take one for all of us who NEVER will!

Heidi said...

Go for it! I wrote one a couple of months ago and am waiting to hear back. I gave it to the artist's agent that I thought could do a wonderful job illustrating it and she passed it on to a literary agent. I would love to see my characters come to life. My inspiration came from a necklace. The idea came to me and I sat down and wrote it out in an hour. My Mom who is also a teacher has instilled in us a love of books to. Good luck!

Jessica said...

I submitted my manuscript to a few publishers in January. The first part of my story was rattling around in my head for ages before I finally wrote it down. . . what helped for me was having a friend to bounce ideas off of - and a deadline.