Tuesday, March 9, 2010

this and that

Around the corner is the time
when ALL the roly-polies
march into our home each and every night
while we sleep
Chloe...on hands and knees, ha and belly, finds each and every one

Will my bird family come back
for a third year in a row?
It is a wonder and a treat to watch
I remember the first year they came
Momma was having such a hard time...getting her twigs and
sprigs to stay on the small ledge of our back porch
so I asked the hubs to nail up a board and give her more room
she appreciated that...and has built here 2 years in a row
she knows we like her.....she'll come back...I just know it.
I don't officially spring clean.....do you?
I spring organize..and spring de-clutter...but no cleaning.

I want to go here now
ranch burger......no onions....large tea no lemon...with the small ice

I want to go here soon
uh huh...you want to go with me....doncha?
I get Chloe's birthday cakes here......DIVINE !!
Excited about garden season
Cutie pa tootie tiny taters...a pain to peel...but cute.

Bee Movie....remember that movie
While at the beach Chloe spotted these Barry Bensons
at a Nascar Speed Park
she had just seen the movie
and had to have one
she was cute and little
and we could not say no to cute and little
nope....you can't buy Barry Benson
he does not have a price
but he does have a ticket total
ha.....don't recall how many tickets we
had to have to get him
but Daddy shot basketball
for EVER
and we got him
doesn't he have a face only a mother could love ?
So sad today about this bee
Daisy got Barry Benson
ripped all his felt legs and arms slap off
breaks my heart
he was a memory
she ADORED him for months
have a happy day
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1 comment:

Gordostyle said...

Ohhhh... poor bee! I wish there really was a 'Mr. Bell's Fixit Shop'. Have you read that book? If not, Mr. Bell fixes everything even broken dolls that were tore apart by puppies! :o)