Friday, May 7, 2010


Today my darling daughter
brought me gifts home from school
One was a stepping stone with her precious hand I didn't have one of these
I just LOVE it to pieces.
With her she also brought a little sheet of questions
that she answered about her dear mother
How old is she? 40 ( child...not yet....not yet....quit aging ya Mama)
How much does she weigh? 60 lbs ( plus 1o plus 30 plus 50 minus I know all of you are trying to do that math so you can see how my Ms. JaneSays aren't ya?)
What does you mother like to do? she likes to do crafts ( darn tootin' I do)
What do you like the best that she cooks for you? She cooks raviolis ( Chloe...those come from a can baby....don't you like my sloppy joes...or my steaks...come on)
What makes your mom angry? She gets angry when the dogs get on the couch ( true....lately they are ruining my cushions...cause they like to get on top and smush them...arghhhhh...and if Chloe knows...why don't my spoiled rotten dogs get it?)
What makes your mom laugh? she laughs at me ( yes I do...especially when you say I am 60 lbs.)
What do you like best about you mother? I like that she is pretty ( I'm not real likable in a nutshell but I am pretty)

oh my dearest Chloe....this was just so fun to read....and I LOVE being your mom way more than crafting...and I am so glad you think I am pretty cause I think you are too.
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Allikaye's Mama said...

I love those little kid answers! Love them!! And ya know what else I love?? I love my sweet little prayer book I won from you! It is perfect!

Happy mama's day!

Jessica said...

That is super cute!

sarah said...

this was such a great post. thank you for sharing. i gave you the sunshine blog award. hope you like my blog as well.