Thursday, February 24, 2011

Puttin a Lil Spring in my House

It's that time of year.
The time of year that I grow tired of my decor, of my colors, of my furniture.
But changing ALL that could get expensive so
I spent an entire day moving things around, really does give a house a whole new look....a nice refreshed feeling...I love it.
I put a lot of my more colorful, bright goodies away ( odd I know if you know me you KNOW I LOVE color), I substituted them with softer shades of teal, pink yellow, green, and tan. My number one tip for making use of the things I already own and still satisfying my need to re-do is spray paint, I will paint anything just ask my neighbors, I always imagine they say "Oh look here comes crazy April with that motely old bed sheet and her cans of spray paint, wonder what she is painting today, she must be so hard to live with always painting eveything".

I even wondered today if I could spray paint a lamp shade and I'm looking into that.

This thrift store find birdie was the first to make a visit out to my tattered painting bed sheet on the porch.
If not for this coat of scrumptious teal paint a certain re-thrifting was in his near future, but now I just love him all over again.
I also changed the color of my kitchen catch-all basket today.....brand new.
my neighbor " Oh look honey...come here ...hurry...she is painting that basket again...she paints that thing 4 times a year."
True...I do.

This one adds a fun and whimsical frame around Chloe's mirror.

Nothing says spring like a collection of milk glass on a soft sage green shelf.
Sometimes I break this collection up with other items but I think just milk glass in a grouping is my favorite.

I switched around and added some new to my kitchen counter goodies.
I love this vintage inspired metal double decker basket I picked up at Hobby Lobby,
Vintage fabric strawberries in the top and napkins in the bottom for easy access.
A fresh daisy afghan
and some happy new pillows add just enough Spring to Chloe's room.
Oh I love this time of year, with new family room furniture arriving next weekend I am in high gear to refresh my home and re-decorate.
Don't miss my super easy, headboard makeover, really it takes 45 simple....look for that later this week.

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KellyH said...

Chloe's room is so cute!! Love the Afghan.
oh and the milk glass display is fabulous too!

Amanda Drietz said...

That is funny-I am a compulsive spray painter too and always wonder what my neighbors are thinking:) I am also a compulsive furniture mover as well-change is always so good! Love everything you did! Aren't the new colors available in spray paint the best!!

Elise said...

Hey April!! I came here from Blessed Little Nest and wanted to tell you, if you don't already know by now, that indeed, you can spray paint a lampshade. I did it once. I actually used double stick tape to adhere doilies to mine, sprayed, let it dry, removed doilies and voila, a new lampshade!!
Can't wait to see your new living room/kitchen makeover!!!
P.S. You are a girl after my own heart...I cannot pass up vintage linens at yard sales, thrift shops, etc.