Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Cute Valentine

ok...I know I am cutting it close here
but you still have time to create this adorable valentine.
It's so simple.
I saw this tutorial several places...can't recall where
if you know tell me and I'll give proper credit. here's my way First things first
bribe your child into posing
with their hand out in an fist like they are holding....well...a big sucker.
This can go on for many many minutes unless you bribe be creative.
Chloe got to go straight to the Wii when she was done.
Maybe for your kid it's a cookie...maybe a trip to the Dairy Queen.....perhaps $20
whatever will will be so glad you gave in to their wants, these valentines are so stinkin' cute.
Now after getting the "perfect" photo, get out your computer skills, if you have any, and doll your photo up a bit.
Add some text...perhaps a cute border.
If you have zero skills this is still very doable...just print your photo, you can write a simple to and from on the back no need to stress yourself over the fancy stuff.
I made mine a 2x3 ish so I could print 2 on a 4x6 sheet of photo paper.
Next cut each valentine out.
Then with a craft knife cut 2 slits one above and one below the hand.

Get your lolli pops, I chose these nice retro looking lollis, I love these, but really anything on a sitck will do. Well maybe not anything after I typed that I pictured a corn dog in there and that might not be so good.
The stick goes behind the so.
Now tell me that is not so cute.
Counting the photo session these took less than 30 minutes.
We are tickled to have a cute original non-store bought valentines this year.
Well truth be known I am tickled, Chloe would have been completely ok with My Little Pony, Super Mario, or those 3-D googley eyed animal valentines.
Valentine card photo session out-takes.
Where did the had come from, really I turned around and she had a hat on. What ?
Too much mouth.
Chin up....puuuleeezzzzz. this point if I didn't already have the shot it was not goin' to happen.
Try these....have fun...from the photo shoot to the creating....have a good time.

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Cottage Mommy said...

So cute! I did these too for my first grader to give to his classmates. I saw a friend feature it on her blog and she linked back to another gal and I think that gal linked back to another gal...and so it goes! It is a stinkin cute idea though...I still need to pick my photos up from Costco and put them together..nothing like the last minute!

Anonymous said...

i wish i would have seen these earlier...Well theres always next year... Thanks for the cute tutorial...

Michele Pacey said...

She is priceless, and I LOVE that last photo! Your cards are so great. There's nothing like handmade I tell you. Just precious, these are!

Tenley Clark said...

What a super duper cute idea! She no doubt had the best cards in class!!