Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dull to Dazzling

You know how when you see something you think you can't live without
you buy it not really knowing exactly why you need it, but ya just do
then when you get it home it just doesn't work. This owlie-poo was just like that, it would have been silly to pass up on this fellow, he is huge and was only $7.00 plus I saw him when I was in the middle of Chloe's
room re-do.....I thought he would be perfect on her dresser.
He was just too dull...plain......boring.

Well....all together now ladies tell me what we do about that.
That's my girls.....yes....we paint.
Look at him now.
I just adore him now.
He's not plain, he's not boring he works in Chloe's room.
He rests upon a vintage pink and white doily and he makes her room so happy.
If it doesn't work...paint works every time.

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1 comment:

Tenley Clark said...

He's adorable! You guys did a great job!