Monday, February 21, 2011

Okie What ?

Okie What?
Okie Noodling...that's what.
Do you know what this craziness is?
I stumbled upon a show on our local educational channel a while back
titled Okie Noodling.
Well yea....that title caught my attention so I hit ENTER on my remote and what I saw next scarred me for life. I will tell you briefly what it is but please google okie noodling and watch a video or 2 ( I didn't want to link any here because some of them may or may not have foul language).

Alright so people, men and even women get in to the water, a pond, lake whatever waist high
chest high it doesn't matter the water condition or level is not an issue it's what they do next.
These, adventurous we'll call them, people then find holes in the dirt, under the water and stick their whole arm in the hole to fetch these giant fish, flathead catfish.

I believe the actual technique is called hand-fishing and the Okie comes from Oklahoma where I guess this is a regular practice and the noodling, well I don't know where that came from.

Watching this show that night and skimming over some videos online, just get me all tense. The thought of sticking my arm in a whole under some murky water where I can't see a darn thing and grabbing a GIANT fish by the mouth well that just.

So the whole okie noodling "sport" got me thinkin'....what would have to be in that hole for me to get in that water and get it......and there is not even a big ugly fish in that hole, I just have to get in the murky, creepy water and stick my arm in the hole to get my prize. Well let's make it a little more risky, the big fish are swimming around everywhere as well as all kinds of water bugs and snakes....eeeeeek.

I told Mr. JaneSays about this post and he replied..."what ... you wouldn't reach in that hole to get Chloe or me, and wouldn't the water ruin all of those items April?"
So I made my own rules.
The items have to be completely materialistic and no the water does not ruin them silly, this is make believe.

So here is my list, these are my flathead catfish. Lifetime supply of pistachios I would so reach in that hole for yummy pistachios everyday for the rest of my life.

A Canon 50D.....I may even go for it with the fish in the hole too.

Frye Melissa boots, even if each boot were in a different hole, and no the leather is not ruined... remember?

Well if you know me at all you KNOW I'm goin' in for a Disney Vacation Club membership for the fam.

Le Creuset cookware. I have a couple pieces of this but a whole matching set, every girl's dream. Cooking is so much more fun in pretty dishes.
Yes of course I would reach in the hole to get any and all family members, and their health and well-being, but that would not be any fun now would it.
What completely materialistic item would you go noodling for?

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ricebabies said...

I would love the Canon Mark III, and a new prime lens to go with it. Ekk, Disney World with the fam would be sweet too.