Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're Ready

Big day tomorrow at our house, we are STEELER fans.
Not fans because they are going to the Super Bowl.
Not fans for a few years.
Fans since we were small....REAL fans.
The fact that we were both STEELERS fans was one of the first things Mr. JaneSays and I established when we met in that smoky, loud club 13 years ago. Fate...perhaps. Meant to be....perhaps. Solidarity on GAME DAY....for nice to pull for the same team.

We don't have people over, it's just the 3 of us....we don't like all the commotion.
We are eating Buffalo Chicken Dip and Sausage Cups.
Chloe's bedtime is out the window and the dogs will be required to take potty breaks during commercials.
Here we go we go !!

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1 comment:

ricebabies said...

I like keeping things to just my family, it can be nice. Since I have been in Canada, football isnt a big deal, so there is nosuperbowl craze.

Have fun.