Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swell Seven

Holly Mathis Interiors numbered stairs....I don't think it would look to swell to number on my carpet (ick) stairs....note to neurotic house re-doing carpet off stairs so as to number them...yes !!

I found this photo via tumblr, do you see the painted stumps at the foot of the unique and sweet. After I rip the carpet off my stairs I'm gonna find me a pair of stumps.
(if you know the source of this photo do let me know)

Go here and check out the before of this lovely bench.....this transformation is amazing.
Elephants, the 80's, rainbow water spray, tiny suitcase...what more could you want?
Now this is a crib spring make-over. Now where is my crib spring ?

Best Banana if these are the BEST let's try them. I have 2 bananas on my counter right now, I'll hide them from the natives so they can ripen perfectly and some muffins I will make.
This is filed in my inspiration folder, love this.

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KellyH said...

I have a crib spring in my spare room right now. I'm so going to doctor it up and hang it!!!

Michele Pacey said...

That bench = WONDERFUL. Gotta check out the makeover... Thanks for the link!

The Clawson Crew said...

if you like that picture frame collage...check out this one! it is my fav!

i am going to make those banana muffins this week!