Friday, February 18, 2011

Cord Drawer Re-do

Inside this pretty little chest is an uh-happy growls frequently and to be completely
frank it leads to growling from the humans too. It's the cord drawer.
Some cords have an assigned spot the DSLR cord stays in the camera bag.
The phone cords stay in a drawer in the kitchen.
Some cords have no where to go so they get dropped in to the chaos that is the cord drawer.
This drawer is difficult for everyone.
Who knows what cord goes to what device, they get all tangled truly is just a mess.
I had a bit of free time and upon receiving another device from Mr. JaneSays recently that came with THREE cords I decided it was time for a change.
I walked around the house and collected some cute props and a vintage pillow sham.

I then collected all of the devices in our home.
Then I took uber cute photos of each device.

After a 30 minute shoot...done.
Then after minimum editing I created a sheet with all of the photos on it and printed it on sticker paper.
Then I grabbed some plastic baggies in various sizes......cut out the stickers and stuck them on the bags that would accommodate the cords for the device on the sticker.
For example the devices that had 2 more cords or large cords I put in a gallon bag and smaller ones in a sandwich bag.

I'm feeling better already. This is going to be great.

Organization makes me happy.
I love this idea.

and sounds like my happy little teal chest does too.

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Michele Pacey said...

Great idea... so many cords... our cords are can be found in little frustrating nests throughout the house. this is a very good idea for lessening frustration and organizing!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I love this!

Andee said...

Clever and cute! We have a drawer like that we need to tackle.

Tenley Clark said...

What a brilliant idea! It's cute and organized, does it get much better? Thanks for sharing!

Mdegraeve said...

Love it!!!!!

KellyH said...

Very Cute, I have a crazy cord basket. Its a mess. Perfect Idea. Love the dresser!