Friday, February 4, 2011

Blue Fish Dilemma

Most of you parents are probably familiar with the color coded behavior charting mechanism used in K and 1st grade and maybe even higher. If you aren't familiar each day every kid starts on green...then if they do not follow the rules or they choose to step out of line they have to change their color. The number of colors is up to the teacher as is number of warnings before the color is changed.
now that you get the idea....Chloe got on BLUE's one step down from GREEN which is where they start.
As the kids were dismissing today a boy in her class, who is often on BLUE, YELLOW and sometimes RED, according to Chloe, couldn't wait to get to me before her and tell me that she had gotten on blue today. I really wanted to pull his earlobe and say oh really sonny.....and what color did YOU get on today, but I didn't....probably not a good idea...huh?
When I looked at Chloe I could tell by her expression he was telling the truth.
I put on my interrogator hat and began the questioning.
What did you get on blue for? for running in the classroom
Why were you running? I don't know
Where did you run to? to my cubby to get my coat
Why did you need your coat? I wanted to put in on my chair
Did you get a warning or did you have to turn to blue immediately? I got a warning
So you ran TWICE in class TODAY? to my cubby and then back to my seat
So you ran to your cubby and the teacher warned you and THEN you RAN back? yes
Alright, here's my blue fish dilemma
I agree with her blue fish I just have no clue how to punish for running in the classroom.
To me the running is not that serious, but the breaking of the rule and the not heeding the first warning is.
Soooo.....after seeking some advice from a retired 1st grade teacher of 30+ years (my mom) I decided to make Chloe apologize to the teacher in the morning for breaking the rule.
I want you moms to tell would you punish for this behavior...or would you at all ?
Do you think making her own up and be responsible for the action by apologizing is the way to go ?
As Chloe is getting older I am finding it hard to deliver punishments that teach as well as deter, I need some ideas for typical 6 year old talking back (minor but occurring none the less) and disrespect, in the form of not wanting to look at me when I am talking to her usually concerning behavior.
I do use a marble jar for good behavior reinforcement perhaps I need to find more times to reward her to reinforce good behaviors ??
Chloe is a great kid and as far as "bad" behavior goes I truly can't complain a great deal, it's just the tiny things that I see emerging I want to nip in the bud before they grow right along with her.

talk to me moms.....

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Margaret said...

I have a 6 year old son. He is hardly ever in trouble at school. I have had several teachers tell me though that sometimes it is best to let the teacher deal with it unless it is a major or continuing problem. This seems to work, because he hates for his teacher to have to get onto him. It hurts his feelings and he doesn't want to disappoint her.
Now I could use something for the talking back. Ours is minor also, but I would like to stop it before it gets any worse.

Anonymous said...

I love your mom's advice. That is what we do in our house. Our district does 'Green', 'Yellow', and 'Red' lights.

Tuesday, Nate the Great got a 'Yellow' light for not keeping his hands to himself, so he had to write a letter to Ms. Bulloch apologizing for interrupting her class and promising to try to keep his hands to himself.