Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Reward

I reward my daughter

Not for good behavior..... that is expected ...but for being brave.

For going into a potentially scary situation for a small child....and doing well.

Am I creating a monster ??? Maybe.

But if I have to buy her a little goodie to show her that I think she is so brave and courageous for the rest of her be it....that I can do.

Chloe has her third dental appointment today....its just a cleaning.

However...there are sounds....shiny lights....cords and tubes....and its a little intimidating.

So...when we are finished...she will get the stickers...the toothbrush...the toothpaste....a BIG HUG....the I am so proud of you pep talk......and a trip to the toy store.

She already knows what she wants.....

Ming Ming's house....Ming Ming is a Wonder Pet and Chloe loves them to the moon and back.

Or maybe Tuck's house...the meek little turtle.

She will not be asking for Winnie's (her name is actually Lenny but "we" call her Winnie) house because she got that earlier this week for being so brave and listening so well at her new gym class.

Do you reward your kids for being "big"..."brave"...."courageous" ??
Edited to add.....she chose Tuck and his house.....and she was so good at the dentist !!
have a happy day
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Gini said...

A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y!!! And the Wonder Pets are so stinkin cute anyway. "This is see-we-us...."

Jamie said...

I think it's great that you reward her for being brave!
I came across your blog and loved your design so much I just got Marina from Penny Lane Designs to make mine over...and I love it! I am very new to the blog scene and just started an etsy shop also. But I love your blog, just wanted to let ya know!

ShabbyBoutique said...

I think it is important to reward children and make them feel loved and card for. With all of my children when they were little I would buy them a little Hot Wheels or Matchbox car if they were good at the store. Never candy as we do not eat junk food, unless it's movie night, then it's popcorn and Reece's Pieces. (They have peanut butter in them, so they are healthier. LOL)

I tell my children all the time that I love them and hugs & kisses bunches. Even though my 15 year old is getting to old for that, he says. LOL

So, yes rewarding your children with little things so they feel loved and noticed is Wonderful. :)

Jewel ;o)