Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh the Horror...

With the beginning of yet another school year
My mind goes back to those drama filled days
what sticks out in my mind the most are some of the fashion fads.....
and I am saying what I am sure every generation says....

What were we thinkin'?
let's recall some of the good the bad and the ugly

Just this photo makes my skin crawl

stirrup pants

perhaps the best part of wearing you some stirrup pants was how the knees would get stretched out as the day went on....now that was a good look.

Ahhhh..... How fun were these ...

hyper-color shirts

the perfect excuse to put your hand on the cute guys chest....just so he could wear your hand print around for a bit.

I'm feeling rather panicky and sweaty looking at this thing...I could never get this in my hair just right.....but I HAD to wear it....just had to

Curses you banana clip you....curses.

Twist a Beads....How many strands can you get into the little hoop that held them all together...I needed a strand for every color I was wearing on my body....and in the 80's that could have been quite a few.

Esprit....this had to be my favorite clothing brand.....I LOVED these clothes.
  1. friendship pins
  2. Jordache purse...the one shaped like a kidney bean
  3. swatch watch the more the merrier and remember how bad your arm would sweat underneath that thing.....well at least mine did.
  4. roach clips with feathers tied on them as hair accessories.......... the rock -n- roll girls so to speak wore those.
  5. big thick scrunchy socks...then you had to stuff them in your keds.
  6. Member's Only jackets
  7. lycra bike shorts..yep I owned a pair...black and lime green.
  8. parachute pants...you could hear those boys comin' from a mile away
  9. chic jeans
  10. jeans that were blue in the front and black in the back....WHAT ??
  11. pegging your jeans.....how much of a pain was this...and they would keep coming undone.

what fad makes you say ..... what was I thinkin?

have a happy day

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Anonymous said...

crimped hair & mile high bangs!!! Using Rave Hairspray of course!!! I used to peg my "guess" jeans & wear a "champion shirt" too!! In irridescent colors of course!!!

Sara said...

This is too funny, I especially loved the stirrup pants, and the thought of them being all stretched out at the knee toward the end of the day. I used to wear them with 'baby doll dresses'- the ones with the little ruffley skirt at the bottom. OH - AND JELLIES! Which, have come back.. ha ha ha I could go on and on...

Amy Bell said...

probably outback red...or, the white tights with everything...blah. oh, i totally forgot about hyper-color...had a pink one. oh my. this posts brings me back.

Sandy said...

I had twistabeads, loved Espirt, Chic jeans, pegging my jeans, had every color of KEDS, had so many SWATCH watches and remember the roach clips. I loved my jellies in jr. high although my little toe kept escaping. LOL I had the stirups and do remember the crimped hair.

Wow this takes me back.

Lily's Mamacita said...

guilty, guilty, guilty. but my worst, and I mean WORST wrong-doing was perming my naturally wavy hair...was wantin that mile high hair....and i got it.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh my does this bring back memories!!

I was more of the "rocker" so I was one with the roach clips and feathers, and bright blue and hot pink streaks in my hair. I remember lots of girls in stirrup pants....who invented them???!!!

Great post that made me laugh out loud :)

You can call me Lucky. said...

I had a hypercolor shirt!!! I wanted it so bad one Christmas...what was I thinking. Oh, and yes there were a few other things listed in my closet...some of them like stirrup pants were my Mom's fault though!
:)fun post!

Betsy said...

I've been looking for that Jordache bag forever!


Holly said...

Ha!!!! Too funny. I totally remember those days. My "what was I thinking" was those half shirts I used to wear...and LOVE. Ewwww...

Thanks for the giggle.


Heather Mills said...

No one has mentioned jams or what about the pants that had "wings" that buttoned together in the front? Oh, I hope some of those things don't come back. . .

Grooveycrafts said...

Oh this has taken me back. I just thought of shell suits, ear muffs... take a look at my blog when you get the chance :)

PamperingBeki said...

Haha!! Oh the memories.

I'm happy to see these fads gone and never want to see them again.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you have an absolutely incredible memory... how do you do that!

i was all about the banana clip!

those stirrup pants... WHAT was that!?!?

OMG... pegging your jeans... i actually saw a pic of Katie Holmes... wearing her jeans pegged NOW!!!!! what!

what a fun flash back! your amazing!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am crying! I think I was a victim to all of the above! I loved stirrup pants! Yikes!