Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Disney Disney Disney....blah blah blah

I'm sorry if you are so over me talking about my Disney trip....but I'm a little excited so grin and bear it.

So this week I am wondering what footwear will be the best for the parks.

I am not so much a running shoe kind of girl...I don't like feet feel hot and cramped.

It is as if my feet have claustrophobia....they just want to get out.
I am wondering if regardless of that fact a running shoe would be the best ?I just bought these a few days ago...I have worn them...they are super comfortable.

Once again though..I hate socks...hubby says well you could wear those without socks...

Ummm..that got me thinkin' smelly and possible not so much.

Oh we are know I am a Old Navy flip flop wearing freak.

This might make some of you cringe....flip flops at Disney....NO WAY...but I think I could do it.

I wear these everywhere....I never have sore feet.

But I am wondering if I might lose them on a ride....and Disney barefoot is definitely not for me.

But...maybe a flip flop with more bottom to it...more cushion...more support would be better.

I don't own Rainbows as of yet...I have heard they take a WHILE to break if I want these I better go get some today.

Crocs....I am not a croc wearer...I like them just fine....just don't have a pair of my own...Chloe has many pairs.....I simply love them for kids.

Could they possibly be the best shoe for Disney?

If you got wet they could dry easily.

My feet can feet can move.....


I just don't know...I do know I am a I can pack every single pair of these and have my pick each day can't I now?

have a happy day

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Amy Bell said...

i really do have a solution for this!! :) i wear flip flops from april-october..really. and, i found some tennis shoes at the walking store...they are echo and open in the back...for my dear feet to breathe! and, they were it. wore them in CO to walk the comfy...they also have flip flops with arches!! wo0-hoo! love them...i have a pair and love them...they have cool patterns/colors...

Justine said...

April, I think the running shoes are best! I know you don't like 'em but your feet will thank you at the end of a long (and fun!) day.

The crocs aren't great because they have no real support ( and can totally deform your feet btw!!! ) and of course, flip flops are a no no.

What about the nice brown flip flops for certain parts of the day and lightweight running shoes for other parts ? maybe too much to carry?

Hope you figure it out, sounds like a fun trip.
Wow ok I just wrote a novel

Karin Schueller said...

OKay, I HATE socks. I only wear them when I absolutley have to. But invest in a really nice pair (You may have to pay like $10, but it's worth it!) of running socks. They let your feet breath, they FIT (and don't scrunch up) and it really is the best solution. Go into a running store and I tell you, you will not regret it!!!

Lindsay said...

I have many times worn flip flops to disney. I have had a few incidenst of blisters both where the strap is AND on the bottom of my foot. My best suggestion is to bring a box of the big patch like bandaids with you, and you should be just fine

Just me.....Shelly said...

OK, here's the solution....CROCS makes the yummiest FLIP FLOPS ever---super comfy and I wore them walking around EVERYWHERE in New York for miles and miles. No ride there though.

Gini said...

I am TOTALLY a constant flip flop wearer 'cause I live in the desert - including Disneyland in CA and Disney World in FL. May I suggest, and mind you I was an Old Navy flip flop wearer, a nice comfy pair of Havaiana's flip flops. They rock and I wear nothing else now. Sorry Old Navy.

Cheryl said...

I am an all around flip flop wearer, but crocs are great theme park shoes. I however, do not like this style so I buy the more stylish skechers. here is a link to a pair: and they come in awesome colors, not just bright green, orange, red, etc. haha

The Salinas Family said...

I am soooo you!
Hate shoes. Only wear them if it is pouring rain, somtimes don't even then.
We go to Disneyland every week (don't hate me...) and I wear Rainbows or Havaianas every single time. Never lost one, never had foot issues, love it. Rainbows do take a while to break in... I would go with the Havaianas. You will be hooked.

Sarah B. said...

Don't know how I ran across your blog but I am super excited for you to go to Disney...I, like the person above, go often. We have passes and take the kids once a month as a treat. (Disney in CA) I am also a flip flop wearin' fool...and they have never let me down. I wear Rainbows though...I did wear my Old Navy's once and we made it through the day however my feet were sore the next day. If you are going for several days (which I am guessing is correct) you could give the flip flops a shot on the first day since you already wear flip flops and if your feet are sore the next morning get the running shoes out. Those gray New Balance are super cute too. And about the stroller ...I looked back to see when else you wrote about bring one or they even have some you can rent their....a must if you have little ones or your backs will go out from carrying them when they are all pooped out.

leasletters said...

Hi there.

We leave for Disney in 8 days so you can talk about it as much as you want.

I am bringing both Crocs and sneakers. (walking kind) I will alternate between them from day to day. I would bring what you are comfortable in. Just make sure you bring a couple pairs so you can change off and on.

Have fun!!!!

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

I own a pair of rainbows and they're still going strong after 3 years! I wear them in the sun, the rain, the SNOW!, pretty much anywhere. They do take a little while to get comfortable in, but they're definitely worth it. No calluses from imperfections in the thong of the sandal, and there is plenty of sole support there!
I am also a HUGE contender for crocs! I just love them, and they are so comfortable! They make adorable mary janes as well if you're wanting some that are more feminine, and they're great for outdoors stuff.

Have fun in Disney! (don't forget to sunscreen the tops of your feet if you're not wearing sneakers!) :O)